Scuttlebutt around the Southeast


Posted On: 07/12/18 11:01 PM

Hours in the gym generally generate dozens of little nuggets.  Nuggets that don’t necessitate an entire story, but they are noteworthy nonetheless.  If you feel something significant happened Thursday alert us by direct messaging @PrepHoopsTN any time.



The biggest news of the day might be Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (Clarksville Academy) netting an “offer” from I.M.G. Academy in Florida.  The details will be discussed more fully Saturday and nothing is set in stone, but Brandon looks to have the option on the table.

If you aren’t familiar with I.M.G. academy these are some of the alumni of the Olympic-caliber facility and training program:

Basketball Alumni

I.M.G. Academy was more renowned for producing elite tennis and baseball players for decades.  Only in the last 10ish years did they fully commit to basketball and football.  The “school” is really one of the best facilities in the world for grooming athletes.  It is labeled an academy and operates as such.

BMaze Way

BMaze 16u is really, really good.  Their North Carolina players are exceptional and the long, lean forwards of Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (PrepHoopsTN #9) and Andrew Williams (PrepHoopsTN #8) give them needed rebounding.  They are coasting to a UnderArmour Pool F #1 seed.  Currently they are 2-0 averaging a 17.5 point differential.

Andrew Williams is currently ranked in our 2020 rankings, but according to both Andrew and his father he could reclass down to 2021 with Hamilton Heights Christian Academy (HHCA).  The HHCA Head Coach Zach Ferrell is really excited to coach and train Andrew.  In fact, Coach Ferrell sees him as a high major wing in two years.  I agree.

New Faces

Randy Brady dabbled with Team Thad 16u in May.  W.A.C.G. made a big play for him in the last few weeks, but Randy played with Team Thad 16u tonight.  Matthew Murrell is new to the Team Thad 17u team after running with Bluff City Legends 16u in April.

Team Thad 17u added Jordan Johnson to their former 2018 players in late April/ early May. Now Jordan Johnson, Damion Baugh, and Christian Jones play after competing as seniors this past winter.

All three reclassed to 2019. Right now Damion Baugh is a Tennessee Prep guy.  Christian is looking.

New Interest

K.J. Johnson played great Thursday night for EAB 17u. He is now drawing fresh interest from Southeast Missouri as a result.

2020 F Bayron Matos-Garcia added three new offers while out at Pangos: Fresno State, Cal State Northridge, Grand Canyon.

Just Win

Point guards should be measured by their ability to close out close games. Thursday evening Andrew Anderson and Marvin Hughes helped; Team Thad Elite 17u and Team Thad UAA respectively, finish off competitive foes.