SAU Team Camp Standouts: Marlboro County & Grays Creek HS Standouts

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 07/9/18 8:20 PM

Marlboro County 2019 Guard Damian Bruce: Don’t be surprised to see him put up major numbers for his team during his upcoming senior year. He can score the ball at a very high rate, the craftiness and toughness that he plays with are things that you have to really like and are things that can grab the attention of college coaches.

Marlboro County 2021 Wing Kieran Leviner: He’s young and still has a ways to go but one thing that he has already mastered is the ability to knock down shots at a very high rate. In one game he knocked down 4 three point shots in a very small amount of time.

Marlboro County 2020 Wing Wesley Brown: A nice looking prospect with good size and skillset, he’s about 6’4-6’5 and can shoot the ball well from deep. He rebounded the ball well and has nice versatility, we saw him play the SF, SG, PF and even Center position throughout the day.

Grays Creek HS 2019 Guard Trevor Thomas: Although he is spending a lot of time on the football field, the impact that he has on this team is major. On the defensive end of the floor he is constantly applying pressure, forcing defense to play faster and bringing leadership.

Grays Creek HS 2019 Antonio Dupree: He plays the game with a toughness that we like to see and doesn’t allow anything to slow him down. During this camp he was dealing with a injury that forced him to get stiches but he played through the discomfort and was effective, a lot to like about the 6’4 Forward.

Grays Creek HS 2019 Guard Christian Crockett: We saw him spend more time at the PG spot as Thomas was given some time off as the day went on and he did not disappoint. The tempo that he excels at playing in is high tempo, he loves to push the pace but does a solid job of remaining under control and not turning the ball over.