Matur Dhal

Posted On: 07/21/18 1:23 AM

Paradise Honors had a strong season last year, but fell short of the ultimate prize, a state championship. They move up to 3A next year, but should be loaded more than ever.

Paradise Honors is without a doubt the favorite to win the 3A state title. In fact, this group could have a lot of success in the higher ranks as well. One of the biggest reasons for this are a couple of top tier transfers who will be coming into a program that already had plenty of talent.

One of the top prospects who will be joining Paradise Honors is Matur Dhal. Dhal is a 6’10 C who is in the class of 2021. His length and motor will make him the most dominate big in the 3A ranks and one of the most impressive 2021 prospects in the state.

Matur Dhal Recruiting

While Dhal has an extremely bright future, he has not received any offers at this point. Currently, he has received interest from “ASU and Coastal Carolina University.” Although this is currently the case, it will not continue for much longer as Dhal as an intriguing combination of size and speed.

Despite basketball being a key focus for Dhal, he is even more concerned with his education. He stated that he is looking for a strong academic school as “basketball comes second.”

To further these sentiments, when asked about his goals for the upcoming season, he stated, “I want to continue to work hard in the classroom to maintain excellent grades in school because I don’t want to be just an athlete.” His dedication to the classroom is refreshing. Further, it is rare to find a 6’10 prospect who has a high ceiling and cares in the classroom.

As far as his interests are concerned, he noted that he is seeking a major in Computer Science or Piloting.

Matur Dhal College Projection

While Dhal still has a lot of work to put in as a means of playing basketball at the highest of levels, he has a number of uncoachables that are particularly intriguing. Skill wise he has a lot of work to do but he is being extremely well coached on Powerhouse’s 15U Compton team.

Further, he has good work ethic to go along with his uncoachables. It is impossible to teach the size that he has. However, with his motor and dedication to being a good basketball player, a coach can teach him the skills that he is deficient in.

Dhal’s ceiling is extremely high. As of right now, he is best fit at a low NCAA Division-I or high NAIA/NCAA Division-II. With that said, it is hard to believe that this is where he will stay. He has the potential to be a mid to high level NCAA Division-I prospect. Continue to monitor his progression as he is far from the finish line of this journey.