Emmanuel Andrew

Posted On: 07/28/18 1:25 AM

There are few prospects who improved their stock like Emmanuel Andrew this off-season. Andrew, a 2019 6’7 SF/PF who attends Kearns and plays for Exum Elite, has seemingly had his name in every conversation in terms of Utah prospects who have played well this July.

Immediately, he walks into the gym with a number of uncoachables that make college coaches drool. Further, he has an unreal vertical and has improved his ability to shoot the basketball from mid-range and 3.

Andrew acknowledged that it hasn’t been all roses with Exum Elite as the “first two tournaments were harsh.” He noted that as he started understand his role and play his role within the program that he began to have a lot of success with the program that is well renowned.

In fact, he credits a lot of the growth he has experienced to playing with Exum Elite as it has “really elevated my game and really showed my flaws and my talents.” Andrew has improved immensely and as a result, he has impressed a number of college coaches. He also credited his trainer, Aaron Dotson, with a lot of the growth he has seen.

Emmanuel Andrew College Interest

During the interview, Andrew noted that he had offers from the following schools: Utah State, Idaho State, and Buffalo. In addition, per his club team’s Twitter account, Andrew has received offers from Denver University and South Dakota.

As far as interest is concerned, he mentioned that Oklahoma, TCU, New Mexico, GCU, Santa Clara, Tulane, UVU, Illinois, New Orleans, and Denver have all reached out.

When asked about what he is looking for in a school, he answered short and sweet: He wants a school that plays fast. At this point, he is unsure of what he will major in as well.

When asked about what he believes he brings to a college program, he stated, “My will to win. I can bring intensity and lock down defense.” Further, he noted, “I could help my team win games and build a lot of player chemistry on and off the court.”

As far as what he believes he needs to improve in order to play at the college level, he mentioned his jump shot and handle. While both of these areas need to be improved, there is no question that Andrew is an NCAA Division-I prospect.

Emmanuel Andrew College Projection

As stated earlier, Andrew is an NCAA Division-I prospect. He has a number of items that cannot be taught which makes him particularly intriguing. His upside, assuming he will put in the work, is through the roof.

While he is marketed as a 3/4, he does not have a strong enough handle and a consistent enough jump shot at this point to truly play the 3. Thus, he is a slightly undersized 4 at many NCAA Division-I levels.

With that said, both of those are skills that he has worked to improve and he is continuing to improve. His upside is through the roof and it would not be out of the realm of possibility for him to end up at a high end mid-major NCAA Division-I. He would be a project at this level and could see significant playing time over the course of time. However, if he is looking for immediate gratification and playing time, he will probably need to set his sights lower.