Dyson Koehler

Posted On: 07/28/18 1:58 AM

Jordan High School is arguably heading into the 2018-2019 season with the highest expectation of any team in 5A. This is due in large part to the return of Terryn MosleyDyson Frank, and Dyson Koehler.

Koehler, a 6’6 2020 SF who plays for Exum Elite, has been a key player for Jordan since stepping foot on the campus. As a freshman, he was the team’s 4th leading scorer. Last year, as a sophomore, he was voted to 3rd team All 5A by Deseret News while leading the team in scoring.

While this is impressive, Koehler has his sights set higher. First and foremost, he is a next level prospect who is training relentlessly to play at the next level. Further, he mentioned that his goal for next year is to win state. He stated, “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to win it.”

With Koehler leading the way and the most lengthy team in 5A, this group should be poised to have a lot of success this upcoming season. In addition to winning, Koehler’s strong play has made him an intriguing name among college coaches.

Dyson Koehler College Interest

Koehler has received one offer thus far, Portland State. While he has only one offer, it is only a matter of time before he receives more as he is one of the most versatile prospects in the state.

He noted that one area his dad has aided him with is having a balanced game. Good news for him is that his dad was on to something as the college and NBA game are moving toward favoring positionless players who can play an array of spots.

He stated that versatility was his biggest strength as his dad coached him at a young age to “play any position.” The goal was to ensure that Koehler would not be unable to transition to the wing when he is no longer the tallest prospect in the gym.

As a result, Koehler has one offer and interest from “Portland State, UVU, Michigan, Stanford, BYU, Cal State Fullerton, and UC Irvine.”

In addition to being versatile and skilled, Koehler mentioned that he has a 3.95 GPA. His work on the court has made him interesting while his work in the classroom has made him available to nearly any school in the country. Needless to say, his academic pursuits have paid off.

While he is unsure of what he wants to major in, he mentioned that attending a school that values both academics and athletics is of the utmost importance. He also wants to find a place that will make him feel at home due to the supportive student body.

Dyson Koehler College Projection

Koehler is one of the most college ready 2020 prospects in the state of Utah. In addition to having the versatility to guard and be a playmaker from multiple spots on the floor, he has the skill set needed as well.

He is a more than capable shooter from deep who can rip and attack the rim while being able to play on the block. At his highest potential, he is a 2/3.

At this point, it is reasonable to believe that Koehler will be a mid to low-major prospect. This would be the level that would give him the most potential to play early at the next level.

Koehler is fun to watch and quite skilled his progression from now to this point next year will largely dictate where his recruitment finishes up.