Recruiting Report: Carter Hansen (2019)


Posted On: 07/5/18 6:27 PM

RTR went 33-1 and won a state title this past March.  Leading the team in scoring, rebounds, assists, and steals at state was their State Tournament MVP Carter Hansen.

The first place medal is in Carter’s room after he averaged a double-double (17 and 11) at state and there is nobody, or nothing that can ever take that away from him.  He’s a proven champion. So what does a champion do for an encore?

“For my senior year we will have six seniors coming back who played and got good experience during the season,’ Hansen explained. “Expectations are set high: we want to return back and defend the title. We have Cooper (Hansen) and me coming back as starters and the other seniors played some important minutes during the state title run.”

Carter and his brother Cooper are two of the hardest working players you will see throw on a uniform this summer and next winter.  The two of them are once again playing for the Southwest Stars and making them a full unit of all around good basketball players.

“Some top moments of my 17u season so far have been during the NHR State tournament making it to the final four and battling against some top teams,” Carter explained.  “Also I’ve made a lot of memories off the court with my teammates. We have become really close to each other and I’m really thankful that my program focuses more than just on basketball.

“The team looks to accomplish what a lot of teams look to accomplish int he summer, have fun and compete day in and day out to make each other better.”

Carter is an all around talented player but he feels like he needs to be a better perimeter shooter.  The touch is there as Carter shot 17 of 24 from the foul line at state but he wants to make shots with more range and he wants to make more perimeter shots during live game action.

“As a player I’m really trying to work on my shooting ability. When teams play zones or sit back I want to be able to make them pay and make it difficult for other teams.”

When you have guys like that play a good all around game like Carter and Cooper Hansen you know schools will want them to play college basketball.

“So far the colleges that have been in contact with me are Bethany Lutheran, Jamestown, and St. Scholastica for basketball,” Carter said.  “For football Dakota State University and St. Olaf have contacted me. Coming up I think my twin brother and I plan to try and visit Bethany Lutheran.”