Posted On: 07/31/18 10:00 PM

This story is as old as basketball is, the face of the team graduates or moves on and another player on the team has to step up to fill that role. 

In this case, Devin Eppard graduated which leaves the role up for grabs for a new player to become the new face of the program.

That player is Chris Mohr.

His senior season in basketball is almost upon him, and Mohr hopes it turns out better than last season.

“It wasn’t the best season for our program but it also wasn’t bad,” Mohr said. “We had a lot of ups and downs throughout the year but we just stuck together and made the most out of what we had. As far as my play and role it was more of a learning experience.”

Trying to fill in the shoes of Eppard will be a tough task for Mohr, but he thinks that getting the opportunity to play alongside him the past couple years will help him lead the team next season.

“Playing alongside Devin I was able to learn and absorb just a lot of basketball things,” Mohr said. “He was the type of player that had the ability to rub off his work ethic and scoring ability onto other players. So as a teammate to him I let him work and just stepped up and helped him when he needed that extra help. 

“Watching him play showed me what it takes to be an elite player. To conquer this role I have to put a lot of time in the gym and take advantage of the things I’ve learned last year. With me being a big part of the team I have to now hold myself and everyone else accountable and make myself and my teammates the best they can be.”

Another guy he says he doesn’t know where he would be in the basketball world without is Greg Kahler. Kahler works out with several athletes around the area and they all have good things to say about him.

“If it wasn’t for Greg I don’t know where I would be in a basketball world,” Mohr said. “Every day for two or three hours we are usually in the gym working on new moves and just breaking down the game. My 8th-grade season he noticed that I had potential and that’s when he brought me in to work out with him. Ever since then my numbers have increased every year. He has helped me dramatically with my shooting, ball handling, basketball mentality, and decision making on the court. He has given me the moves and knowledge to get me to where I am today.”

Along with training with Kahler, Mohr plans on to work a little bit on every aspect of his game before his senior season gets started.

“From the offensive end to the defensive end I want everything to improve,” Mohr said. “This summer I have been playing on an AAU team with Coach Allan Bertram at Sacred Hoops. That helps in every way imaginable. It lets you see what others players have that you don’t have and makes you want to learn new things to be better than that person. It makes you work harder every possession because you know that if you don’t it could get ugly real quick. It has helped me on both ends of the floor drastically. You have to use every way possible just to score and then you have to come down and work harder on the defensive end just to get a stop.”

Mohr says that being able to play for Sacred Hoops has helped translate his play over to his high school season which he says will make him a better player for his team and gets him better overall.

After having a so-so season a year ago Mohr says he wants what every other player around the state wants, to succeed. He also is going to give it everything he’s got in his last season.

“My expectation for my team is just like any other team more than likely,” Mohr said. “ I want my team to be in the state championship and hoisting the trophy at the end of the season. Another expectation for my team is a much better year than last year. That will only happen if everyone buys in and gives it all they got. As for myself, I want to be an all-state player and make my team a winning team.”

He also wants to see his numbers increase but not at the expense of the team’s success or the other guy’s success as well.

“I want to see my numbers increase, but also not take away any value from an already well-rounded group of guys around me,” Mohr said. “I want myself to be a key player this season and lead my teammates to our team goals, and teach the younger players what’s good and bad while leaving a lasting legacy. I want to be a player that has earned the respect of his teammates and will get them to come along with me. All of this happening while winning games and increasing my play.”

Just like his former teammate Eppard, Dakota State has been interested in Mohr playing for them. But Mohr hopes that his play during the AAU and this next season will catch more coaches eyes.

“The only college that has contacted me has been DSU. As far as any others there hasn’t been any but during AAU games there have been coaches watching and I’ve been playing really well so hopefully, that is catching their eye.”