Prospect Spotlight: Vean Simon (2019)


Posted On: 07/14/18 12:54 AM

Chandler High School always has plenty of basketball talent. Vean Simon, a 6’2 2019 PG, is merely yet another skilled prospect to play at the school.

Simon has participated with Team Harden as well as with Zone 6 this off-season. He is one of the top on ball defenders in the state and competes at a high level.

Vean Simon College Interest

At this point, Simon has not received any offers for basketball. However, he is a high academic student who has “received at least 30 plus academic offers.” His list includes: “Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Wake Forest, Duke, MIT, SMU, Dartmouth, University of Pittsburgh, UCLA, and Davidson.”

With that said, he has received interest from “Dartmouth, Davidson, Northern Colorado, and Yale.”

Simon’s academic interests will play a huge role in where he attends school as he wants a program with a “good pre-requisite medicine program.” He wants to find a school that has a good “balance” of “academics and basketball.”

It is rare to find a prospect who is as skilled as he is on the court and who values the classroom at the level that he does. Due to his academic success, he has kept the door open for any school at any level to potentially recruit him.

With that said, in order for him to draw college coaches attention, he wants to show them that he “can score the basketball as well as [he] defends [it].” He mentioned that he has worked relentlessly this off-season to improve his shooting percentages from three and the free throw line.

While he acknowledged that he needs to improve in those areas, he believes that he brings a college program “hard work, leadership, energy, hustle, and an extension of the coach.” Moreover, he brings piece of mind as far as off the court leadership is concerned as he is a tremendous student who values the classroom and makes good decisions.

Vean Simon College Projection

Simon is one of the top on ball defenders in the state. He moves well laterally and has long arms as well as above average athleticism. At this point, his biggest sell to a college program is that he plays hard and could be an elite level on ball defender at the college level. Further, when he rotates in help side, he has good length as a point guard.

One of the biggest knocks has been what he alluded to in his consistency shooting the basketball. As his shooting percentages improve, he could improve his stock greatly.

Due to his academics and skill set, he is a great fit at a high caliber academic NCAA Division-II or Division-III.