Prospect Spotlight: Nati Asfaw (2020)


Posted On: 07/3/18 5:03 PM

Del Sol rising junior Nati Asfaw is a top prospect in Nevada’s 2020 class, and is looking forward to a summer ahead to start making some noise on the recruitment trail.

A 6-foot-6 big-man, Asfaw is currently going through a transformation, moving from big-man to wing.  

“When I’m on the floor, I like to get all my teammates involved, and I try to do what my coach needs me to to help us win the game,” said Asfaw.

The move to wing has been going well, and Asfaw says that by the time he’s ready for college ball, he hopes to spend a majority of time playing from the perimeter.

“I’m getting better at playing the wing, and I think that can translate to the college level,” said Asfaw.

“I’m feeling more and more comfortable on the wing now, my shot’s getting better and I’ve been working on the shooting machine a lot.”

As a sophomore with the Dragons, Asfaw says he played OK. He’s looking forward to next season, when he can lead his guys.

“I thought I played pretty well last year, I was doing what could,” he said.

“My junior year, I’m looking to play on the perimeter a little more, being the leading scorer and just being a leader on the court.”

In the meantime, Asfaw will be playing with Vegas Elite 16U

“The spring was going good, but I got hurt towards the end of it and I missed a couple tournaments. But I’m feeling good now and looking forward to July,” he said.

“We’re a 16U squad but playing 17U and that helps us get better, playing against bigger, faster, stronger people, that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

And with a big summer, he could see his currently stagnant recruitment start to gain some steam.

So far he’s heard from one school, Union College in Kentucky, an NAIA.

“I want the recruiters to see me once I get better on the perimeter, like a 6’6 forward looks better at the college level,” said Asfaw. “And Division I is the goal, but any level of college would be great.”