Posted On: 07/14/18 9:00 AM

Playing around superb talent can be tough, especially if you’re trying to find a way to contribute, whether it’s on the offensive or defensive end.

Well, that’s not the case for 2019 point guard Kevin Henry, who has found ways to succeed under head coach Newton Mealer at Center Hill High School, playing alongside senior guard Calvin Temple and sophomore forward Kaeden Laws. Henry shouldn’t be considered as the middle man or a roster filler for the Mustangs. He should be considered as a viable piece to Center Hill’s roster.

Henry, 6-foot-1, 165-pounds, will walk into his senior year of high school with lofty goals. Individually, he wants to improve on his jump shot. From an athletic standpoint, Henry can run with the best at his position. He’s almost untouchable when he drives to the lane. Henry can change directions while in the air. That’s one of his best gifts as a point guard.

In the Jerry Peters Memphis Summer Classic last month, Henry finished with 84 points, 37 rebounds, and seven assists. He made 25 of 34 shots from the free throw line. Henry finished second for the Mustangs in scoring, trailing only Temple (112).

Defensively, Henry loves to play defense. He’s always willing to guard the opposing team’s best player. As a junior last season, Henry would ask coach Mealer if he could have the assignment of guarding a prospect that’s projected by many spectators as one of the best on the floor.

Holding the opposing team’s best player to limited success is something Henry thinks about when he wakes up on game day.

“All of the time,” Henry’s response to whether or not he wants to guard the best player on the floor. “Whenever we play someone good, I may ask coach ‘Can I switch? Can I go guard this man? I know I can guard him.’ All of last year that was my assignment, to guard the best man every game.”

Henry’s defensive mentality has come from his unlimited pouring of energy, leaving everything on the floor because there may not be a next time. Henry can be considered as a gritty defender, with a high motor and a lot of heart. Heart credits coach Mealer for the player he has become.

“Even though I hustle, he taught me to give it your all each time you step onto the floor, even if you’re not feeling good,” Henry said. “He gave me that championship mentality.”

The other goal Henry wants to achieve is to help Center Hill win the state championship, something he has yet to experience in his high school career. Henry has been working on his offensive game since the end of his junior season to be prepare for a year he hopes will be a good one.

Henry mentioned he thinks the Mustangs will have a great shot at competing for the state championship next season, with the group of guys that are returning.

“I want to go out with a bang next year,” Henry said.

Henry doesn’t have any offers at the moment, but he’s receiving interests from Delta State University, Freed-Hardeman University, and Lindenwood University-Belleville.