Prospect Spotlight: Imani Lopez

High School
Northern California

Posted On: 07/9/18 2:24 AM

There are many different coaching definitions on what an athlete is but perhaps the most original definition of makes an athlete is the ability to play multiple sports. NBA all-stars such as Jason Kidd and Steve Nash grew up playing multiple sports such as basketball and soccer. Those two sports are a good way to learn lateral quickness as well as proper footwork. For 2020 guard Imani Lopez of Vintage High School (Napa, CA) his upbringing was similar. He grew up around the sport of soccer before falling in love with the game of basketball as he got older. We caught up with Lopez to discuss his basketball upbringing and what his goals are with the sport.

Question: How long have you been playing basketball?

Lopez: I started basketball pretty late and have only been playing for three years. 

Question: What basketball player did you look up to growing up and why?

Lopez: I looked up to Kevin Durant and James Harden on the offensive side of the game because they both are limitless when it comes to scoring but when it comes to defense I looked up to Kevin Garnett because he was just a dog when he played defense. 

Question: What is your goal with basketball for the upcoming year?

Lopez: My goal for this upcoming year is to pick up a few scholarships and for my high school season, lead my team in scoring and also to the playoffs. 

Question: How has AAU helped your overall growth as a player?

Lopez: AAU has helped my growth in basketball because it has taught me how to push the tempo and how to keep my head up even if I’m down.

Question: Do you feel that AAU is good for basketball and why or why not?

Lopez: I feel that AAU is good for basketball because it helps a lot of kids get exposure also they are playing against good competition. It also helps builds a community of hoopers. 

Imani Lopez will be competing on the Gold Adidas Circuit with Team Arsenal for the Summer Live Period.

Prep Hoops Staff