Prospect Spotlight: Deontae Jenkins

High School
Northern California

Posted On: 07/9/18 2:02 AM

Vallejo, California has had its history of talented athletes in particular basketball. Athletes such as Demarcus Nelson, Brandon Armstrong, Jabari Bird, Greg Smith and many more have come through this small Bay Area town. Despite the city’s history, the public school system regarding basketball has fallen on hard times as the two schools Jesse Bethel and Vallejo High School both missed the playoffs last season. However, there is a level of excitement for Vallejo High School as they go into the 2018-2019 season with a lot of experienced seniors, and are also headed into a new league. One of the reasons there is excitement around Vallejo High School this season is because of 2019 point guard Deontae Jenkins. Jenkins will be headed into his third year of varsity basketball and has worked hard on improving his game with Head Coach and Trainer Brandon Bracy and the Team Rampage program. We were able to catch up with Jenkins to talk about the game of basketball and his upbringing around the sport.

Question: How long have you been playing basketball?

Jenkins: I have been playing basketball since I was five years old.

Question: What basketball player did you look up to growing up and why?

Jenkins: Growing up I looked up to Allen Iverson and Russell Westbrook because they were always the most fearless on the court no matter how big or “dominant” their opponents were. 

Question: What is your goal with basketball for the upcoming year?

Jenkins: My goal this upcoming basketball season is to help bring back the pride to the city of Vallejo and go deep into the playoffs leaving senior year the right way and playing at the next level.

Question: How has AAU helped your overall growth as a player?

Jenkins: AAU has helped me tremendously. Being able to play with other talented players helps me understand other things I can do to keep me on the floor. It’s like everybody has a role to play and I think it’s getting me ready for college.

Question: Do you feel that AAU is good for basketball and why or why not?

Jenkins: I think it is good for basketball it gives kids tougher competition to compete with than a regular high school team and it challenges them more mentally physically and emotionally.

Deontae Jenkins will be competing for the Team Rampage 17u Elite for the rest of the AAU season and hopes to make an impression on potential scouts along with helping Rampage win as many games as possible.

Prep Hoops Staff