Prospect Intro: Trevor Holbrook (2021)

High School

Posted On: 07/5/18 6:00 AM

Sophomore Trevor Holbrook played in every varsity game as a freshman at Louisville Collegiate last season, averaging a little over 3 points per game on the year. Heading into his second season as a varsity contributor, Holbrook has big plans for the 2018-2019 season. I recently caught up with Holbrook to discuss his freshman season, 15u AAU season and his high hopes for next year:

PHKY: Describe your game for people who may never have seen you play. What are your strengths? What do you need to improve?

TH: One of my strengths is defense. Last year as a freshman I made a huge impact on the defensive side of the ball by getting steals or locking down the other teams best player. Offensively, I am very good at driving to the basket and absorbing contact and finishing. I shot 78% from the free throw line so I converted a lot of and 1s. What I have worked on in the off-season is my shot. I made some threes last year but I was not that consistent, I have worked a lot over the off season on getting my shot up and being a consistent shooter. I have always worked on ball handling to get stronger with my left and being able to break the press more easily.

PHKY: Reflect on your high school season. Were you happy with your individual performance? Were you happy with your team results?

TH: I was very happy with the teams result, we beat our rival KCD twice and went to the All A. That was a great experience and we look forward to getting back there. We also won the most games in school history which we all as a team are very proud of. Individually I felt I was a big part of the team. I didn’t start but I would come into the game pretty early and my goal was to bring energy that the team needed. If that was pressing, scoring, taking it to the rim, getting in the other teams head, clapping, diving on the floor for loose balls. I would do anything to get the team going. I was called the spark plug at times this year. The big goal we all have is a team is to compete with Male and St X in our district. We are definitely going in the right direction and I don’t see why we cannot win the district by the time I graduate.

PHKY: Who are you playing AAU with? How is your season going so far?

TH: I play AAU for All in Athletics. The team is made up of kids from all over the city. There are kids from Trinity, Doss, Ballard, Fairdale and many more. So far our season is going well. We just won a tournament in Frankfort last weekend and have done very well this summer so far. There are some big tournaments coming up that we are looking forward to competing and doing well in.

PHKY: What schools are recruiting you? Any offers? If you have offers, do you have a leader right now?

TH: Right now I don’t have any colleges interested in me. I have got some emails for some camps at some smaller schools around locally that I will probably attend. But no college has reached out yet but I look forward to when the do start reaching out.

PHKY: What can you take from your AAU season and apply to your next high school season?

TH: The big thing from AAU is my shot. I have worked in the off-season on it and AAU is when it I started to get to use my new shot. So far I have shot very well from behind the 3 pt line. A couple weekends ago I was 5/6 on threes in one game. I have averaged about 2 threes a game in AAU, so my shot has really improved and I can’t wait to use my new shot this year for my school. One other thing is probably just being more aggressive in the offensive side. I have looked for my shot a lot more in AAU and the results have been good, so I will be more of a threat offensively this year.

PHKY: What are your goals for your next high school season?

TH: My goals for this year are to get back to the ALL A. Also to beat either St X or Male. I really want to make it to the LIT. We were ranked 17th last year so we were 1 spot away from getting in so we are hungry and want to get there. My other goal is to make people from around the city know that collegiate is a good team and we can compete with anyone we didn’t just get a school record because we played easy teams. This year our schedule is harder and I hope to prove that we are not just an academic school. We can compete with big schools.