Conference Preview

Posted On: 07/12/18 6:11 PM

This is the second portion of the two part program preview of Powerhouse. This article features the top 15 and 16 teams that are participating with Powerhouse. These groups have a lot of talent with Powerhouse having the top 15U team in the state.

Program Preview: Powerhouse Part 2

16u Ortega

Jerry IliyaJerryIliya6'5" | SFParadise Honors | 2020State#491NationAZ 6’6 SG/SF 2020 Paradise Honors

Iliya has some of the most upside out of any of the players in the state. He is long and athletic. Further, he is a capable shooter from deep who can get to the rim whenever he wants.

Roy EzeRoyEze6'7" | PFPhhoenix Prep | 2020AZ 6’7 PF 2020 Paradise Honors

Eze has a good motor and plays physical. Moreover, he has good footwork on the block and is able to connect from the mid-range.

Griffin LambGriffinLamb6'8" | PFGilbert | 2020StateAZ 6’7 PF 2020 Gilbert

Lamb is long and thin. He runs the court fairly well and has a soft touch around the rim. As he continues to put on muscle mass, his stock will continue to rise.

Hunter RuckHunterRuck6'9" | PFRancho Solano Prep | 2020State#484NationAZ 6’7 PF/C 2020 Rancho Solano

Ruck might be the most fundamentally sound big man in the state. He has nice drop steps and counters on the block. Further, he has a smooth release and can connect from mid-range and three.

Kiimani HoltKiimaniHolt6'4" | SGPhhoenix Prep | 2020State#499NationAZ 6’3 SG 2020 Rancho Solano

Holt is one of the most explosive prospects in the state. He is able to attack the rim and get there seemingly at will. Defensively, his athleticism gives him the potential to be one of the top on-ball defenders in the state.

Anthony GarzaAnthonyGarza6'7" | PFPhhoenix Prep Post Grad | 2021StateAZ 6’7 PF/C 2020 Shadow Ridge

Garza’s motor never stops. He is always competing for space on the block and active on the offensive and defensive glass. He has improved his ability to shoot the basketball, and he has a really nice touch around the rim.

Evan NelsonEvanNelson6'1" | PGSalpointe | 2020State#184NationAZ 6’2 PG/SG 2020 Salpointe

Nelson is without a doubt one of the top guards in the state, regardless of classification. He can attack the rim extremely well and has a high basketball IQ. He is a skilled passer who has become one of the best shooters off of the dribble in the state as well.

Tay BoothmanTayBoothman6'0" | PGBuckeye | 2020StateAZ 6’1 PG/SG 2020 Buckeye

Boothman is explosive and can get going in a hurry. He is capable of scoring the basketball as well as any guard in the class of 2020. He moves well laterally and gets to his spots. Further, he can score from all three levels on the court.

Robbie Kinnard 5’10 PG 2020 Shadow Mountain

Kinnard is a solid true point guard. He can get to the rim and score. However, he prefers to get into the paint and create for others. He has a really good feel for where the help side defense came from and he makes good decisions with the basketball.

Brycen LongBrycenLong6'2" | CGGilbert | 2020StateAZ 6’2 SG 2020 Gilbert


16 Johnson

Osa Ighodario 6’7 PF 2020 Desert Vista

Ighodario has improved his stock as much as any prospect in the class of 2020 this spring. He is athletic and versatile. His length and skill set making particularly intriguing to next level suitors.

Kendal WatsonKendalWatson6'7" | PFParadise Valley | 2020StateAZ 6’6 SF 2020 Paradise Valley

Watson is skilled and strong. Further, he has good length and athleticism. He rotates well on defense and led Paradise Valley in charges. Moreover, he is a capable shooter.

TJ Green 6’6 SF 2020 Carl Hayden

Green is one of the most intriguing prospects on this team and in the state. He is a good athlete who possesses a good first step and good length. He can play along the perimeter and have a lot of success.

Jaquan Moore 6’1 SG 2020 Shadow Ridge

Moore is a phenomenal athlete who can get up as well as anyone. His vertical and speed give him the ability to make highlight reel type plays and to make a big impact on this team as well as at Shadow Ridge this upcoming season.

Armani WilliamsArmaniWilliams6'1" | SGMcClintock | 2020StateAZ 6’2 SG 2020 McClintock

Williams is one of the strongest prospects in the state. He has improved his ability to shoot the basketball from 3 greatly. With that said, he is still best at getting into the paint and scoring at the rim. He is hard to keep in front due to his mixture of strength and speed.

Tyrese Rodgers 6’0 SG 2020 Boulder Creek


Miles SulkaMilesSulka6'3" | SGMountain Pointe | 2020StateAZ 6’0 SG 2020 Mountain Pointe


Trey DonaldsonTreyDonaldson6'1" | CGGilbert Christian | 2020StateAZ 5’11 PG/SG 2020 Gilbert Christian


15 Compton

Dylan AndersonDylanAnderson6'11" | CPerry | 2022State#46NationAZ 6’10 PF 2022 Perry

Anderson is one of the most highly anticipated underclassmen prospects in the entire state. Despite his youth, he is extremely skilled and has tremendous length. He has a high ceiling and will only continue to get better. This guy can flat out play.

DaRon Holmes 6’7 SF 2021 Millennium

Holmes is one of the most versatile prospects in the state. He has good length and he is active on the defensive end. Offensively, he is a capable playmaker who can play multiple spots due to his high basketball IQ and feel for the game.

Justus JacksonJustusJackson6'0" | PGEduprize | 2021StateAZ 6’1 PG 2021 Millennium

Jackson has good speed and a vertical. He can get to wherever he wants to get to on the floor due to his mixture of skill and athleticism.

Derick KapsDerickKaps6'1" | PGHighland | 2021StateAZ 6’0 PG 2021 Mountain View

Kaps is one of my favorite guards in the state due to his composure. He never looks rattled and is always in control of the tempo of the game. He is an extremely skilled and smart guard who has a bright future.

Brett Hardt JrBrettHardt Jr6'4" | PGPhhoenix Prep | 2021StateAZ 5’11 PG 2021 Rancho Solano

Hardt is a more than capable shooter from deep who has a good handle. While he had a solid freshman season, he will be expected to carry an even bigger load this next season.

Matur DhalMaturDhal6'10" | CPhhoenix Prep | 2021StateAZ 6’10 C 2021 Paradise Honors

Dhal has good size and a solid frame. He is strong despite his youth and moves well. He still has a long way to go in order to maximize his potential. However, he is a hard worker who has a number of intriguing uncoachables.

Carter Van HammondCarterVan Hammond6'9" | CPhhoenix Prep | 2021StateAZ 6’9 PF 2021 Perry

Van Hammond will get to team up with fellow big man Anderson. Van Hammond moves well without the basketball and has a good motor. He is more comfortable on the block at this point in his progression and he has a soft touch around the rim.

Max MajerleMaxMajerle6'4" | SGArcadia | 2021StateAZ 6’4 SG 2021 Arcadia

Majerle is one of the best shooters in the state. Further, he has good length that enables him to get his shot off over nearly anyone. With the move to Arcadia, it will interesting to watch one of the best wing combinations in 4A with Majerle and Carter Murphy.

Owen ShawOwenShaw6'6" | PFArcadia | 2021StateAZ 6’6 PF/C 2021 Arcadia


Bobby Hurley Jr 5’7 PG 2021 Notre Dame