Posted On: 07/12/18 5:17 PM

Powerhouse has some of the top teams in the state and has recently opened up a state of the art facility. Their top 17U team participates in the UAA circuit with a number of high caliber prospects. Below is the first part of a two part series breakdown some of the prospects within the Powerhouse program.

Program Preview: Powerhouse Part 1

Powerhouse 17u UAA

Isaiah Marin 6’4 PG 2019 Buckeye

Marin is one of the best passers in the state. Further, he has impressive length as a guard and he can get into the paint at will. He has good speed and a high basketball IQ.

Otis Frazier 6’5 SG/SF 2019 Buckeye

Frazier is a great athlete who provides the team a lengthy prospect who can create plays. He does not need to dominate the ball in order to score 20 points as he is good on the glass and gets his hands in the passing lanes. Further, he can score from all 3 levels on the court.

Zach Lyons 6’5 SF/PF 2019 Mountain View

Lyons provides size and strength for this team. He plays primarily the PF spot for this team due to the number of 2s and 3s that this team has. With that said, he is physical and rebounds extremely well despite only being 6’5.

Majok Deng 6’5 SG/SF 2019 Salpointe

Deng is a game changer for this team due to his ability to fill up the stat sheet. It will be interesting to see how his game translates to the next level. With that said, his ability to shoot the basketball and lock up on defense will translate well.

Jordan Mains 6’5 SG/SF 2019 Pinnacle

Mains is without a doubt the most efficient prospect on this team. He is a knockdown shooter from anywhere on the court and does not need an array of touches to make an impact. He is also a good defender and has good athleticism.

Josh Baker 6’2 PG/SG 2019 McClintock

Despite not being as explosive as other guards, Baker is able to get to wherever he wants to get to on the floor. He has a nice hesitation crossover that freezes defenders really well. Further, teams have to extend pressure due to his ability to shoot the basketball from anywhere on the floor.

Dre Harris 6’7 PG 2019 Bella Vista

Harris is strong and wide. He is one of the best big men passers in the state. His feel for the game is tremendous. Further, he is a good mid-range shooter with a number of solid back to the basket moves.

Connor Braun 6’7 PF 2019 Valley Christian

Braun is a lengthy 4 who is capable of shooting the basketball from deep. He is an intriguing prospect at the next level as a stretch 4.

Jackson Raui 6’4 PG/SG 2019 Amphitheater

Ruai has really impressed me with his on ball defense. When he is locked in, he is without a doubt the top on ball defender in the state. He has a unique mixture of length, speed, and quickness.

Zach Paloma 5’11 PG 2019 Sunnyslope

Paloma has great change of pace and direction. Further, he has an elite mid-range jumper off of the dribble. He is also a tremendous passer. Defensively, he is a top tier on ball defender who pressures the ball well and understands angles.

17u Schumaker

Ryan Gilburne 6’1 SG 2019 Brophy

One of the top shooters in the Powerhouse program. Plays smart and moves well without the basketball while shooting it at a high level.

Tyler Pugh 5’11 PG/SG 2019 Basha


Jackson Tillapaugh 6’6 PF 2019 Wickenberg

Versatile big man who has improved his ability to shoot the basketball from 3.

Miles Houston 6’8 C 2019 Hamilton

Houston has some of the best footwork out of any prospect in the state on the block. He is patient and makes good decisions. Further, he has good length and is strong which enables him to hold his seals well.

Alec Bryan 6’5 SF 2019 Chaparral


Ivan Palomar 6’4 SF 2019 Slope

Palomar is a nice 3 and D prospect. He shoots the basketball extremely well from 3 and is solid on the defensive end of the floor. He has good length and a smooth release.

Skyler Certo 6’4 SG/SF 2019 Notre Dame

Certos is a playmaker who can score the basketball from anywhere on the floor. He is poised to have a huge season for Notre Dame this upcoming year.

Chaz Taylor 6’3 SG/SF 2019 Mingus


Lucas Elliott 6’7 PF/C Pusche Ridge

Elliott has shown spurts of being a next level big with high upside. He is long and has improved his mid-range jumper as well as his touch around the rim.

17u Contrares

Josh Ursery 6’1 PG 2019 Liberty

Ursery is one of the most dynamic guards in the state. He is explosive and can get up around the rim. Further, when he gets a rhythm from deep, he is able to light it up as well as any guard in this state. Ursery has extremely high upside.

Josh Hawkins 6’4 SG 2019 Paradise Honors

Hawkins is a good athlete who plays hard and runs the floor well. He is a capable shooter from deep who prefers to slash and finish around and above the rim.

Khalid Price 5’11 PG 2019 Mountain Pointe

Price is a competitor who plays the game with a bulldog mentality. He is one of the top on ball defenders in the state. Further, he is a capable shooter from deep who makes good decisions with the basketball.

Zach Hobbs 6’4 SG 2019 Mesa


Jackson Lee 6’2 PG/SG Seton Catholic


Ian Good  Mtn View


Herman Texiera 6’8 SF/PF 2019 Central


Joe Courtney 6’9 PF/C 2019 Bella Vista