Program Preview: AZ Venom

High School

Posted On: 07/8/18 11:05 AM

The AZ Venom are fielding two 15U teams this July. This group is well coached, plays hard, and has good quickness. Both teams have prospects with next level abilities who should be on college coaches radars. Below is a preview of the AZ Venom program.

Program Preview: AZ Venom

Josh Fletcher 6’2 W 2021 Agua Fria

Fletcher is long and has a strong build. He competes hard on both ends and is not afraid to get after it on the glass. He moves decently laterally and is a capable shooter from deep. Fletcher has the potential to be a six quarter prospect for Agua Fria this next season.

Mike Mcgehee 6’4 PF 2021 Agua Fria

Mcgehee impressed me due to his competitive mentality. He is a decent athlete. However, that does not stop him from wanting to guard the best player on opposing teams. He wants the challenge and enjoys getting after it. Further, he is a good shooter from deep and moves well without the basketball in his hands. He does not need the ball in his hands for the majority of the possession to make an impact. Keep an eye on him going forward as he showed some remnants of playing similar to former big time Agua Fria prospect, Bryce Fowler.

Javen Staples-Howard 6’1 W 2021 Shadow Ridge

Staples-Howard is really long and has a good motor. He is a little raw at this point, but he has an explosive first step and his length enables him to finish around the rim. He has decent form on his shot and could become an elite on ball defender with more time and experience.

Nelson Salas 5’7 PG 2021 Millennium

Chandler Weber 5’9 CG 2021 Prescott

Moses Garcia 5’10 W 2021 Agua Fria

Daniel Diaz 5’8 W 2022 Canyon View

Samer Hamied 5’8 PG 2022 Millennium

Sergio Elias 5’9 CG 2021 Westview

Zeff Hetman 5’8 PG 2021  Brophy

Damon McNeal 5’11 SG 2021 Desert Edge

McNeal is quick and strong. He has a good spin move and finishes well around the rim with both hands. He needs to improve his shooting from deep, but he is a good athlete with a high upside. Defensively, he could be a lock down on ball defender due to his quickness and strength.

Sean Wells 5’10 PG 2021 Millennium

Bryce Erickson 6’1 SF 2021 Shadow Ridge

Jaden Green 5’9 PG 2021 Agua Fria

Shay Cain 6’4 SG/SF 2021 Desert Edge

Cain has the highest upside out of any of the prospects on the AZ Venom. He is long and athletic with a good vertical. With that said, his most impressive attribute is his passing. He has a really good feel for the game and sees the floor really well. While his shooting and motor need to improve, he is a constant triple-double threat due to his ability to collect the boards, get into the paint at will, and create for his teammates. As he improves his motor, he could be an elite defender due to his mixture of quickness, length, strength, and vertical. He already has a great feel for getting his hands in the passing lanes.

Jonathan Chacon 5’8 PG 2021 Westview

Jordan Hammes 5’7 PG 2021 Kellis