Posted On: 07/11/18 9:38 PM

Prep Hoops started the NCAA Live Period at Augusta Prep on Wednesday night. Prep Hoops was able to take in 4 games from venue located in Martinez, GA just a few miles west of Augusta.

Allen Williamson (2019) – Carolina Wolves 17 – Wilson HS (Florence) (pictured on front) 

Williamson really exploded in his first round game vs Game Elite ELW for 32 points. Williamson a left-handed guard exploded 32 points and connected on 5 three pointers. Williamson scored 21 points in the 2nd half in tough loss to Game Elite ELW.

Jamal Williams

Jamal Williams (2018) – Team Wall Southeast-Marion 2019 – Spring Valley HS 

Williams a unsigned senior has a bit of a old school type of game to him. Williams has a twin brother in Rashaad on the team. Williams wants to and looks to score the ball on the floor. Williams finished his first game with 13 points in the loss.

Kamryn Manuel

Kamryn Manuel (2019) – G.W.P. Sixers – Blythewood HS 

Manuel 6’3 is a unknow player from Blythewood HS. Manuel plays inside the paint and isn’t afraid to throw his body around in the paint. Manuel finished with 12 points in his opening game vs Synergy Wise.

Mezziah Oakman

Mezziah  Oakman (2020) – G.W.P. Sixers – Ben Lippen 

Oakman 6’10 seems to be getting better every Prep Hoops sees him play. Oakman blocked several shots tonight and scored 18 points. Oakman runs the floor very well for his size and still needs to fight through contact for the next level. Oakman will suit up this coming season at Ben Lippen in Columbia after leaving Gray Collegiate midway through the season last year.

Jordan Burch

Jordan Burch (2020) – Carolina Wolves 17 – Hammond (Columbia)

Burch is just a man-child and a beast in the paint at times. Burch a left-handed physical specimen started off hot for the Carolina Wolves and finished the evening with 17 points. Burch a big-time football prospect plays at Hammond. Burch fought through contact all evening long.