Posted On: 07/14/18 7:54 AM

With a lot going on at Wichita Hoops for the GASO Midwest tournament this live period, I was able to catch a bit of the action and here’s what caught my eye across the board. 

Lamel Robinson (2019)- Team Rush 17U

Lamel plays fast and aggressive and was making things happen for Team Rush on Friday. His ability to get in the lane with a good change of pace and burst from the perimeter make him a good weapon paired with a good stroke he had on display. 

Lamel has an offer that came early last year from Kansas State and another from Omaha going into his senior season at Park Hill but with a good performance in the live period this July, his offers could multiply. He is a good prospect to keep a close eye on going forward.

Luke Grawer (2020)- Arkansas Wings 16U

Luke showcased his motor on Friday moving his feet well on defense causing fits for the opposing team’s guards and thrived on the fast break. He can finish at high rates of speed and can step out and shoot the ball as well, doing a little bit of everything.

Charles Synder (2021)- SSA Elite 15U Black

Charles is a rebounding machine and thrives in the low post. He can rebound outside of his area and had good body control when he received the ball on the block as he proved to be an effective post player. It may be time to start referring to Charles as the walking double double.

Richard Johnson (2019)- Team Rush 17U

Richard is another motored up guard for Team Rush who plays fast and can impact the game on both sides of the ball. He has the burst to get in the lane and facilitate appropriately, drawing help defenders on multiple occasions and making the right read. He anticipates well when distributing the ball and looked engaged in playing defense.

Cory Powell Jr (2021)- SSA Elite 15U Black

I liked Cory’s game a lot and I’m surprised this is my first time watching him for an extended period of time as much as I’ve seen SSA this Spring and Summer.

Cory showed his scoring ability near the basket in traffic and also out in the midrange area, hosting a solid shot and ability to drive to the basket from fifteen feet out. Cory is tough and makes an impact rebounding the ball and will be an even bigger force if he can add some explosiveness to his game.

Mason Thiessen (2019)- WCS Team Driven 17U

An interesting prospect to say the least. The 6’8” 240 pound forward has some touch and can step out and shoot the ball but more notably just bullies his way to the basket for scoring opportunities. He’s big and strong and got to a foul line frequently and had success there.

Zach Wittenberg (2021)- NHLA 15U

Shooter shoot and Zach is no exception. Within just a few moments of me sitting down on his court he hit two three’s and showed he could have an impact scoring the ball.

He will be one to keep an eye on as he progresses at El Dorado High School. He should be a good asset alongside Jarin Koehler.

Harper Williams (2019)- WCS Team Driven 17U

I didn’t get to see a ton of Harper today but the highly ranked guard out of Salina showed some good spurts while I was watching him. He can definitely shoot the ball and can find the open shooter off of his drives to the basket.