Pangos Sweet 16 High Upside 17U prospects

Posted On: 07/17/18 6:01 PM

The Pangos Sweet 16 was as competitive of an event as there was in the West Coast this past weekend. Below are the highest upside Utah prospects from the 17U Invitational division at the event.

Pangos Sweet 16: 17U Invitational Utah High Upside Prospects

Bernardo De Silva 6’9 PF 2019 Wasatch Academy (Utah Mountain Stars 17)

De Silva possesses good length, skill set, and quickness. He is a mismatch nightmare for any team. He is far from a prospect that is going to be recruited due to having a high ceiling. Rather, it aids in his recruitment, but he is certainly skilled. De Silva is without a doubt one of the top prospects in the West Coast and in Utah.

Hayden Welling 6’8 C 2019 Corner Canyon (Utah Mountain Stars 17)

Welling is a sneaky athlete who moves his feet particularly well on the defensive end. Further, he possesses good length and is fundamentally sound. While he does not have the upside of some of the prospects on this list, he is an intriguing next level prospect due to his motor and length.

Leo Colimerio 6’7 SF 2020 Wasatch Academy (Utah Mountain Stars 16)

Colimerio is another mismatch nightmare as he possesses good size and length. His height and wingspan enable him to guard multiple spots on the court. Offensively, he is able to get to the rim seemingly at will. Further, he is a capable shooter. As he puts on more muscle mass, he has the potential to be a big time prospect.

Maddy Sissoko 6’9 C 2020 Wasatch Academy (Utah Mountain Stars 16)

Sissoko has the highest ceiling of any prospect on this list. He is long and strong. Further, he has a motor that never quits and plays the game with a bulldog mentality. He also has a soft touch around the rim and a shot that is continuing to improve. His athleticism in and of itself is almost enough to make a high level coach intrigued.

Chuol Deng 6’7 PF 2019 California Capital Christian (Salt Lake Rebels)

Deng certainly has room for improvement. However, he has a good motor and good size. He understands his role and does not try to do more than he is supposed to do with the ball in his hands. He is a good role player who should get the opportunity to play at the next level. A year as a post grad at California Capital Christian will aid him greatly.

Terryn Mosley 6’7 SF/PF 2019 Jordan (Salt Lake Rebels)

Mosley might have the highest upside of any of the prospects on the Salt Lake Rebels. He has good length and athleticism. He has good lateral quickness as well which could aid him in being an elite on ball and help side defender. Further, as he puts on more muscle, he could be a very good rebounder. While he is better at slashing at this point, he has the potential to be a good “3 and D” player at the next level.