Pangos Sweet 16 High Upside 17U prospects

Posted On: 07/17/18 1:24 AM

The two teams that participated in the elite 17U Invitational bracket at the Pangos Sweet 16 were Factory and AZ Monsoon. Monsoon is an extremely skilled team with a number of high IQ players who can shoot the heck out of the basketball. They also feature one of the highest upside prospects in the classes of 2020 and 2019.

Factory is also extremely skilled but built a little bit differently. Coach Mullins always seems to find a way to get length, high upside prospects into his program. This team is no different. Below are the highest upside prospects who participated with Arizona teams in the 17U invitational.

Pangos Sweet 16: 17U Invitational High Upside Arizona Prospects

Emmanuel Taban 6’7 SG 2019 Apollo (Factory)

Taban is an easy name to put on this list. There is little to not like about this prospect. He has a good motor and shots the basketball well from 3. He competes on every possession and arguably has one of the highest basketball IQs in the class of 2019. Defensively, he has tremendous instincts as well.

Cedric Bridges 6’6 SF/PF 2018 Westview (Factory)

Bridges is athletic of a prospect who is still available in the class of 2018. He has a good motor, strength, lateral speed, and vertical. Moreover, he has a knack for hitting tough shots around the rim and seems to get an And 1 every game.

Ajang Aguek 6’7 SF/PF 2018 Ironwood (Factory)

Aguek had somewhat of a coming out party this past season at Ironwood as the 6’7 prospect demonstrated that he is capable of being a 3/4. With Factory, he has shown that he still has work to do. However, his motor never stops and he has a good vertical. Further, he is never late in help side and finds a way to compete for every loose ball.

Cameron Katal 6’10 PF/C 2019 Westview (Factory)

Katal is one of the longest 2019 prospects in the state. He has improved his motor and runs the floor better. Further, he has improved his ability to finish around the rim. Even more impressive, he has shot the basketball extremely well in the past two tournaments with Factory. His ability to shoot it was on full display in their game against the Utah Mountain Stars 16U team as he hit 3 threes.

Fallou Diagne 6’10 PF/C 2020 Tri-City Christian (AZ Monsoon)

Diagne might be the highest upside prospect on this list. At times, his motor can be of question. However, his size and strength mixed with his shooting abilities make him quite attractive. From an uncoachables perspective, he has every tool needed to play this game at a high level. Further, he has a solid skill set as well.

Mamane Yaou 6’7 SF/PF 2019 Tri-City Christian (AZ Monsoon)

Yaou is a good athlete with a really good left hand. His athleticism, strength, and first step enable him to get into the paint at will. Moreover, he seems to be unstoppable when he is able to get the ball into his left hand around the rim. Yaou is really skilled and has a high upside.

Wesley Harris 6’6 SF/PF 2018 Desert Vista (Compton Magic Select)

Harris is capable of bringing down the rim on every possession. Further, his elite athleticism make him a danger to opposing prospects egos on almost every possession. He plays hard and his uncoachables are through the roof. Harris is 2nd to none in the class of 2018 in terms of sheer athleticism.