Yuri Collins, St. Mary's

Posted On: 07/18/18 12:01 PM

In alphabetical order, TODAY the top 9 guards in the state of Missouri in the class of 2019, all 6’0″ and under. If you like little guards who are athletic and can get the ball from Point A to Point B 94 feet and quick as a hiccup, keep on reading …

YURI COLLINS, St. Mary’s HS  5’11” The highest ranked player in this group as he has several mid and even high D1 schools recruiting him. DePaul, Loyola of Chicago, SMU, Missouri State, and St. Louis are all in the running. Cerebral style with a nice handle and a pretty good shooter with range all make Yuri a player to watch in 2019.

JAVANTE HAWKINS,  Lee’s Summit North HS  5’10” If Hawkins was 4 inches taller, all the same schools recruiting Yuri would be recruiting him … and then some. Hawkins is the streakiest shooter of the bunch. He can really fill it up from deep and it may be 5, 6, or 7 of them in any one game. Playing for MoKan’s JV team this Spring-Summer.

MIKEL HENDERSON,  Lee’s Summit North HS   6’0″ Like his backcourt mate at North, Mikel is a streaky shooter as well. Plays on the Don Weston-coached KC Spurs AAU team and he’s hit a little growth spurt, he may not be eligible for this list if he’s peaking out at 6’1″. Long and skilled, he has great range on the J and is very quick with the rock in the open floor.

RICH JOHNSON,  Lee’s Summit West HS  5’10” Really had a solid junior season, a breakout deal as we really didn’t know much about him from his sophomore season. Left handed and really good in the open floor, taking the ball to the rim. Could be a BT scorer! Lack of HS notoriety kept him from playing in a profile AAU situation this spring-summer.

GLEN MCCLINTOCK,  Rockhurst HS  5’11”  Started out at KC Grandview and looked at Barstow and then finally decided to transfer to Rockhurst. He’s playing for Team Rush and having a splendid spring-summer. Glen shoots it pretty well and does a nice job getting his team into their offense. He always plays hard and Glen is always on the floor for the 50-50 balls.

LAMEL ROBINSON,  Park Hill South  HS  5’11” Lamel has Nebraska Omaha involved, I think he’ll be better suited at a high D2 situation. He’s lanky and he’s tough physically and he loves taking the ball across the rim with his left hand and scoring it on the left side. And he’s a right handed player which is unique. Also plays for Team Rush out of Kansas City.

DRE SORRELLS,  KC Grandview HS  5’11” Dre has high D2’s and some low D1’s recruiting him actively right now, he’s that type of player. Plays for the MoKan JV team and he’s got a nice body for the game and shoots it pretty streaky from deep downtown. Really good kid with enough test score and grade point to be an automatic qualifier later on next Spring!

A J WESTON,  KC Lincoln Prep HS  5’10” A J is quite a bit in the same boat with Rich Johnson, a kid that has come out of nowhere to play a lead role on a KC prep school team. He can really score the basketball and he’s like Collins, gets from Point A to Point B at 94 feet pretty smoothly. Likes to hit the pull up mid range J with regularity.

SHAMMAR WRIGHT-THOMPSON,  KC Hogan Prep HS  5’11” Shammar is the strongest and most physical player on the list, or at least close to if not tied with Lamel. He’s got a body that won’t quit. Very aggressive and physical in the open floor, his number #1 objective at all times is to get the ball to the rim. He’s a good MTM defender in 1 on 1 situations.