Posted On: 07/30/18 12:33 PM

The July Live Periods have come to a conclusion and we are stepping back and taking a look at our last stop on the trail at the Hoop Group Louisville Jam Fest.  Here is our breakdown from the event.

UA Grind Takes Down EG10 2021 In Championship

In one of the more anticipated matchups all weekend, it was great to see two of the best 15U teams in the state play against each other in the Championship of the Louisville JamFest. Grind got out to a solid first half lead and EG10 was unable to really catch up. However, there were players on each side of the ball that played well.

Lowell’s Chris Mantis was one of the more impressive players and a guy that seems to be on the come up following a strong summer. He’s 6’5 and lanky but so impactful on both ends of the floor. Was rebounding the ball at a high level and able to put it on the floor and get out in transition to take it coast to coast.  His stock is up for us and the upside has clearly taken a step forward.

Another was that of Khristian Lander. The 6’2 guard out of Evansville Reitz (IN). His speed and scoring ability are high level and when he needs to get a bucket, there aren’t many that are going to stop him right now.  It has been talked about Lander being among the top players in the country and I think this weekend showed a big reason why. For players at his age, you have to be special and consistent and he has done that with every game we have watched this year.

Indiana Elite Central 2020 A Team With Talent

The class of 2020 isn’t a great one but there are some really good teams at the 16U age group this summer. One of them is Indiana Elite Central 2020. They did get bounced early in the bracket play but were great the day before against Gateway 16U, dominant from start to finish.

Robert Farrell, Carson Barrett, and Avery Beaver were exceptional in that game.  Farrell looks like he is ready to take control of his high school team now that Robert Phinisee is gone.  His game has steadily developed from a wing shooter to a guy that can get a bucket in nearly every way.  He was great in transition but also able to slash more from the perimeter and get to the rim a little more effectively.

Barrett continues to be a guy that is in-between positions but stays productive in all games.  He’s a small ball four most likely but his ball handling and passing is so good that it will be interesting what the next year brings.  He’s a high IQ player and can play bigger in the post than his height says.

Avery Beaver is playing up a year but was really good doing the one thing you can always count on him for, shooting.  He was great off the catch but he didn’t look too phased when he was made to make a move and still get it off.  As he develops, he could be a guy that will play on or off the ball and the shooting ability will translate with ease. Good to see him handle his own this weekend.

Ani Elliott A Name To Remember In Ohio For 2021

Elliott was a guy that caught our eye this weekend playing with Miller Factory 2021. The 6’5 forward was as aggressive and tough as we had seen all July.  The Springfield (OH) forward is really active and mobile, looking to block shots and rebound on every play.  He has some bounce to him and can play above the rim.  

For those prospects that show that kind of energy and toughness at an early age, things usually go pretty well. He’s a guy that will still need to grow but if he does, he looks like he could be an impact guy not only for his high school team but later on in college.  Still a ways to go but he caught our eye based on things he could control.