North Dakota 17U: Who To See & Where They’ll Be


Posted On: 07/9/18 1:09 PM

We are about 48 hours from tipping off the NCAA open period so today we give you North Dakota 17 and Under, the players you need to see and where those players will be this Wednesday through Sunday.


Mason Walters

ECI Prospects

Name to Watch: Maleeck Harden.  Harden is a 6-foot-5 wing from Moorhead, Minnesota that has been fantastic for ECI as of late.  He’s recently earned three Northern Sun scholarship offers and I don’t see him stopping there.  At Harden’s size, agility, and developing skill a D1 look isn’t out of the question.

Top Available Prospect: Joe Jahner.  The shooter from Bismarck is finding a consistency to his play that has really helped turn ECI into one of the better upper Midwest teams.  Jahner helped ECI win the GPA just under two weeks ago.

Three More: Mason Walters, Christian Kuntz, Treyton Mattern

Where: Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam


Bryce Auck

ECI Select

Name to Watch: Braeton Motschbacher.  The Fargo Davies guard showed something this past weekend at the Summer Showcase in the Twin Cities and that is a toughness that gets things done.  Braeton doesn’t waste time, he doesn’t buy into a lot of the shake.  He shut down opponents on one end and went the other way and made jumpers.

Top Available Prospect: Macauley Young.  Young is a traditional low post center who uses his size to get position and work his way into finishes.  Add in the touch and you have a guy that would help a program who uses bigs in the deep paint on both ends.

Three More: Mason Peterson, Harrison Thom, Bryce Auck

Where: Sioux Falls at the SPBL


Cody Perkins

North Dakota Attack

Name to Watch: Cody Perkins.  We’ve seen the 6-foot-4 wing make a lot of hustle plays with the Attack but the playmaking he did this past weekend at the Senior Showcase really caught our eye.  Scary good in transition.

Top Available Prospect:  Dalton Albrecht (or Ben Bohl if he is playing).  Dalton is a 6-foot-6 face-up forward who is good with a dribble, who makes mid-range shots, and consistently gives his team numbers.

Three More: Ben Bohl, Trey Weist, Hayden Overby

Where:  Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam


Mason Hedberg

North Dakota Phenom

Name to Watch: Mason Hedberg.  The Bishop Ryan guard has had an outstanding spring for the Phenom helping them win games that others thought they may not have a chance to win.

Top Available Prospect: Kiir Mabor.  Kiir had a very good year for Fargo South and the potential he’s shown with the Phenom and at the Senior Showcase has made us a believer.

Three More: Chad Morsette (a 2019, not 2018 like we had thought),

Where: Trapper Jacobs, Ben Schmidt, Kody Schlenvogt