Nor Cal Summer Preview 5 Standouts

Northern California

Posted On: 07/10/18 8:07 PM

Nor Cal Summer Preview: A great opportunity for club teams to get some quality competition  before hitting the road in late July, for what looks to be an exciting time for Nor Cal Basketball.  The one day showcase had teams playing two games on Saturday, and make no mistake about it Nor Cal had it’s share of quality players competing on this day.  Five players from the class of 2020 that played well today will get more looks as the summer progresses.

Bryce Monroe,  5’10, point guard.  Oakland Soldiers 16u EYBL.

An exciting player to watch, he’s as confident as any point guard you’ll see, and he has the ability to control the game with his style of play.  Bryce consistently penetrated the lane and dumped off to the big man for easy buckets or kicked it out to a teammate for the shot.  He knocked down open 3 point shots,  and made most of his mid-range or pull jumpers.  In transition, his speed and fearless attacks  on the rim make him a difficult player to have to play against.

Jhaylon Martinez, 6’10, 2020  power forward.  Team Arsenal 17u Elite.

I’ve been watching Jhaylon play for two summers, and he’s come a long way.  He likes to play outside on the perimeter, he has a good mid-range jump shot that goes in, and he will shoot 3 pointers. He’s starting to make his way down to the post area,  his foot work has improved, and he’s getting stronger.  As a 6’10 2020, when his inside and outside game come together, he will be a top prospect from Nor Cal.

Jason Roche,  6’5,  2020 wing.  Oakland Soldiers 16 EYBL.

Jason hit open 3-point shots in both games on Saturday.  During one stretch of the 2nd game the sharp shooter hit four straight 3-pointers.  That got the other team’s attention.  He’s a spot up shooter and doesn’t force his shot.  He knows he can shoot and looks to fire away.  If he makes one, his teammates will start looking for him.  If he doesn’t have a good look he will make a nice pass to the post or find a teammate off his dribble.

Kwentyn Wiggins, 6’0,  2020 guard.  San Francisco Rebels 16u.

An athletic point-guard who played both guard spots on Saturday.  He’s quick and a good on-ball defender.  Kwentyn has a certain calmness about the way he plays as he  patiently ran the half court offense.  Had nice penetrating drives to the rim, and enough bounce to finish in a variety of ways around and above the rim.  He also has a nice pull up jump shot.

Durell Laury, 6’6, 2020 wing.  San Francisco Rebels 16u.

A new kid on the block, has a long lanky body, and played two good games on Saturday.  Durell has range.  The 3-point line didn’t come into play when he shot, as he was well behind the arc when he released his shot.  He pushes the ball in transition with his size and eyes up, he see’s the floor well enough to find open team mates. Durell has good foot work when he’s down in the post area, and can finish.