NBA Bracket Standouts from Fayetteville


Posted On: 07/18/18 9:42 AM

Of the teams I was able to watch in the NBA bracket (17U), there are the players that stood out to me for various reasons:

Brahm Haris Arkansas Team Will Wing 

Harris is a ferocious scorer and defender. Harris is in really good shape and is a good shooter. He has the ability to score with defenders on him. He only needs an inch or so of space and is good a drawing fouls.

Avery Taggart 2019 TEM Select Wing 

Avery Taggart is a player that is surprisingly athletic. He stands out on both sides of the ball. He is a good ball-handler and can shoot well off the dribble. He is a vocal leader and is confident and competitive.

Tristan Hines 2019  Ball4Life Guard

Tristan Hines has great shooting footwork against top notch defenders. Hines gets separation and knocks down shots quickly before the defense can recover. He is a confident, well-versed shooter and an overall talented scorer.

Jordan McAlester 2019 Ball4Life Guard 

Jordan McAlester, like teammate Tristan Hines, is a very consistent shooter. McAlester, when in space, is very unlikely to miss a shot. He hit a lot of 3’s today in both matchups I was able to see.

Jett Sternberger 2019 Game Changers Guard 

Jett Sternberger is a multi-talented player. He is fast and shifty and a pretty good defender. He also has exceptional footwork and is a top-tier shooter.

Sherrod Poe 2019 Fam 1920 Guard

Poe stands out as a really talented scorer. He is fast and great at getting points in transition. He plays the game at a college pace, offensively.

Jayland Sexton 2019 FAM 1920 Guard

Sexton is an extremely talented shooter. In one matchup today, he hit eight 3-pointers, even while being face-guarded. He is the type of player you cannot leave him open under any circumstances.