Posted On: 07/21/18 12:30 PM

Versatility at each position is vital to succeed. From the players I was able to watch at Jerry Mullen’s High Prospect Camp in Wichita, these players stood out as being multi-talented and versatile.

Miles Slater 2019 Game Changers Blue guard

Miles Slater has all of the qualities of a good point guard: he’s quick, he has a handle, he has great vision, and he can score. He has a catalog of different ways to create shots with his handle and does not often choose a bad shot over an easy pass.

Noah Chamberlain 2019 Minnesota Heat (MacDonald) Wing

Noah Chamberlain has smooth handles and looks comfortable moving the ball up the floor. He can facilitate the ball and create shots for his teammates. He is a very good rebounder and can defend well also.

Moun’Tae Edmundson Jr. 2019 Game Changers Blue guard

Edmundson Jr. is a very talented guard, overall. He has a good handles and plays the floor general role for the Game Changers Blue team. He and teammate Miles Slater makena great tandem and are a one-two lunch (literally) for opposing defenses.

Connor Slater 2019 Game Changers Blue post

Connor Slater is a versatile scorer on the offensive end and a dangerous defender as well. Slater can shoot 3-pointers and score inside on big guys. He moves well and makes good off-ball moves, whether it be making a cut to catch a pass in stride in the paint or catching an open pass on the perimeter to knock down a shot.

Kayhon Russell 2021 Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma Wing

Russell has all-around skill in his offensive game. He can get open and knock down open 3-pointers or he can drive inside and pull-up for mid-range shot off a screen. Russell is a hard force to stop when he decides to get in the lane, as he is both tall and has good footwork.