Posted On: 07/11/18 2:07 PM

Minnesota teams are right now in planes, airports, or loaded vehicles getting ready to kick off the July period in front of coaches.  Who from Minnesota should they go see?  NHR lets you know now.


Sam Holtz

#8 SE Minnesota Lightning

Name to Watch: Samuel Holtz.  Sam is a 6-foot-1 guard from St. Charles who forces little but is regularly productive for the Lightning playing a couple guard spots.

Top Available Prospect: Jarvorius Toney.  This is a no brainer.  The 6-foot-7 wing or guard or forward or whatever you want to call him, he surprises me every time I watch him.  Toney is from Mason City Iowa and he played point guard for his team last year.  That said he’s an explosive finisher who has a better touch from mid-range than given credit for.

Three More: Dylan Miller, Adam Leary, Ethan Matzke

Where: Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam


#9 44 Elite

Name to Watch: Deszi Sims.  Let’s make sure to note that we aren’t sure if Sims is playing as he wasn’t on the 44 Elite roster at the Battle at the Lakes.  That said, if he is playing, Sims was a 26-27 point per game guy last year for Minneapolis Roosevelt.  If he is playing he is one to know.

Top Available Prospect: Jalen Dearring.  Jalen is really good, physically bigger, and highly intelligent playmaker that I don’t believe gets enough credit for the way he plays in Minnesota.  He’s one of the better PGs in this state and one of the best two pure point guards available in Minnesota’s 2019 class actually.

Three More: Adreone Sprinkles, Manny Tamba, Kato Sealy

Where: New York City at the Adidas Finale Silver Championships


#10 Heat MacDonald

Malik Spearman

Name to Watch: Malik Spearman.  Malik is listed at 6-foot-4 but I think he is bigger than that now and he’s definitely one of the more agile players I’ve seen at power forward in the 2019 class.  A steady worker at the four and a player I think that could really have a big senior year.

Top Available Prospect: Sam Schwartz.  Sam is a shooter that can also be your ball handler if you need him to be.  A steady guy who has been a Heat MacDonald flag bearer for some time.

Three More: Noah Chamberlain, Leighton Glodek, Adam Willilams

Where: Indianapolis at the Adidas Invitational


#11 SW MN Stars

Name to Watch:  Matt Onken.  The positionless basketball era should open a door for more chances when it comes to players like Matthew Onken.  Onken is 6-foot-5 as a power forward who is very skilled and patient with incredible footwork which has helped make him a top four man in Minnesota.

Top Available Prospect:  Cole Woodford.  For the NHR State Tournament Cole was the winner of the Golden Key Award. As in leading the tournament in people walking up to myself and others saying “have you seen …” like he was a pair of keys.  Cole was so good at state that he’s quickly got people thinking Redwood Valley can contend again.

Three More:  Ty Roelofs, Carter Hansen, Cooper Hansen.

Where: Milwaukee at the NY2LA event


Camden Arndt

#12 Comets K

Name to Watch: Camden Arndt. When you start talking positionless basketball conversations another name that pushes into the conversation is Camden Arndt.  The Morris Area Swiss Army knife played PG for his high school team at Breakdown State and some for Comets K, is a strong passer, and an easy double-double guy as a power forward.

Top Available Prospect: Cade Goggleye.  Cade is a flag bearer for Class A basketball as of late and he’s the highest rated prospect for this team because the guy has a flame thrower.  He’s like that dude in the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch.  The guy is simply good for five perimeter jumpers a game.

Three More: Michael Ziermann, Jackson Jangula, Nick Schaefer

Where: Milwaukee at the NY2LA event


#13 Crossfire Belle

Name to Watch: Jason Kaul.  Jason was really impressive as a UFC battler in the paint at the GPA.  Surely proved himself to many by the way he outworked other players in the frontcourt.

Top Available Prospect: Owen Boerema.  First off, yes Minnesota I am very aware that somehow in my spreadsheet maneuvering that I forgot to past Owen into the 2019 rankings when I recently redid them.  Complete mistake, Owen is a top 50 level player in this senior class.  I think I’ve called him underrated about five times and then I went and made a dumb mistake.  At 6-foot-4 Owen has a pretty touch and can play three spots.

Three More: Reegan Nelson, Cole Elrod, Zach Gazda

Where: Chicago in the Summer Slam


Miles Mendes

#14 Fury Kaupa

Name to Watch: Luke Paulson. Wayzata continues to produce tough, intelligent, skilled producers that consistently produce.  Luke is one of those players.  Not as big as some of the twos that he guards but usually better.

Top Available Prospect:  Miles Mendes.  The Farmington forward is a gifted athlete who is a backside defender’s nightmare.  Very hard to keep Miles from moving without the ball and physically hurting the opponent.

Three More: Carson Schoeller, Nate Shikenjanksi, Keaton Heide

Where: Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam