Posted On: 07/27/18 3:45 PM

Just 494 students walk into Loretto High School each morning, housed in southern Tennessee town of fewer than 1,800 people.  From the 232 males in LHS, Boys Basketball Coach Greg Tipps selected 15 young men to compete for a district championship.  Little did he know he had selected the 2018 Class A State Champions.

As incredible as the senior class of Ryan Weathers, Will McBee, Kirkland Surratt, and Jacob Hallmark leaves LHS with that incredible trophy.  Now neither the trophy case nor the boys roster will be barren.

“I have a great group of Freshman coming in,” shared Coach Tipps over’s DM.

Coach Tipps listed Tobias Sirmones, Elijah Reynolds, Brendon Tipps, and Ty Green as exciting talents.

“Easily the best incoming freshman class in history of our school,” said Coach Tipps.  “Three-four that could play at the high school 3A level in Tennessee.”

Elijah Reynolds runs with EAB and Coach Tipps’ son Brendon was scheduled to play with EAB AAU until he broke his ankle.

“Ty Green [is] a wing who can fly with the ball,” said Coach Tipps.  “[We] have two other good freshman that will be really solid 1A players, as well.”

Loretto fans soaked in the glory.

Rarely can a Class A team lose a four All-Tournament players, including a first round baseball star and imagine a successful season ahead.  Loretto is that rare program that clearly intends to reload instead of rebuild.