Under the Radar Prospects

Posted On: 07/25/18 8:09 PM

With the last live period coming up, there are a number of 2019 prospects who are still waiting for that coveted scholarship offer. Below are some prospects who have high upside or have been consistently good this spring and summer. Keep an eye on these guys in this last live period and going into next season.

Last Summer Live Period: Under the Radar 2019 Prospects to Watch

Collin Jeppson 6’10 C 2019 Layton (UBC 17U Elite)

Jeppson is not the top offensive option for the talented UBC 17U Elite team; thus he has a tendency to go unnoticed. However, he quietly has been one of the most consistent presences for the UBC team. He plays his role well and gets after it on the glass while finishing well around the rim. Despite not being necessarily a focal point, Jeppson has proceeded to average nearly 8 points and rebounds per game.

Matt Norman 6’3 SG 2019 Bountiful (Salt Lake Rebels)

Norman’s stock continues to go up and up. In fact, he might be the most college ready prospect on this list. He is the top scoring option for the Salt Lake Rebels and has gotten stronger physically. He is a knock down shooter who is capable of getting into the paint to create for himself and for others. Most importantly, he makes winning plays.

Taylor Zwick 6’3 SG 2019 East (UBC 17U Select)

Zwick has played well for UBC 17U Select. He is as good of a shooter as there is in this class. He can do it off of the catch, dribble, and screens. While he might not be a NCAA Division-I prospect, he is capable of playing at the next level and deserves attention. He is strong and makes good decisions with the basketball.

Hayden Welling 6’8 2019 Corner Canyon (Utah Mountain Stars 17U)

Welling has good size and moves his feet surprisingly well defensively. He is another prospect who is not necessarily the focal point for his club team. Thus, he gets lost in the mix. However, he has good size and length as well as a good motor. He is worthy of next level attention. Bottom line: Welling is effective. He does not need a lot of touches to make an impact in a game.

Tanner Cuff 6’6 2019 American Fork (Exum Elite 17U)

Cuff is 6’6 and has good range. While he hit a good number of 3s last year, his percentage from deep was not great. However, he has a lot of potential as a NCAA Division-II or NAIA prospect. Cuff plays on one of the top 17U teams out there and in the state. Thus, it is easy for him to get overlooked. However, he can play and should have the opportunity to play this game at the next level.