King Of The Courts: Standouts (Part 2)


Posted On: 07/9/18 11:01 AM

On Saturday, the King Of The Courts showcase was held at Orlando Christian Prep.

Games ran all day from 9 AM-8 PM in front of a nice crowd. The slate of matchups were used as preparation for the live period events coming up next week and beyond here in July.

Here is a look at the second part of the best performers.

ICYMI: Part 1

John Latimer III (Apopka/Triple Double)

Vocal and good with the ball in his hands, 2021 Apopka guard John Latimer III is rising up. Latimer has transformed into more than a shooter and takes control of the game more often than not. At 5’10”, he’s a quick and fluid player.

Lloyd Matthew (Edgewater/GPI All Stars)

Athletic and long, 2020 Edgewater forward Lloyd Matthew thrives on the block and can back down defenders. At 6’5″, Matthew is nicknamed the “Iceman” and can really dig in down low. He is full of energy and typically makes it through a full game.

David Green (Ocoee/Gamespeed Elite)

Not the most polished athlete, David Green gets the job done with his strength and length. The 2020 Ocoee forward stands at 6’3″ and likes to contribute in many ways as an attacker, passer and transition player.

Simon Wilbar (Canterbury/Team Parsons Select)

A legitimate 6’9″, 2019 Canterbury forward Simon Wilbar does most of his damage from open 3’s. He is a good shooter, but he can stand to be more aggressive as an inside presence. Too often, he disappears from stretches of games. He has the talent and will be asked to mature quickly for his high school team this fall.

Gavin Antoine (Tampa Bay Tech/Skills Center)

For Tampa Bay Tech, 2019 forward Gavin Antoine is a superb athlete with leaping ability and speed that you crave from a wing. At 6’5″, he was flying all around the floor, grabbing boards and putting back dunks. Antoine is in for a big year this fall.