Posted On: 07/2/18 10:00 AM

During the month of June, Prep Hoops Missouri visited more than a dozen Team Camps around the state of Missouri. I had a chance to see many top players with their own high school teams, but also it was an opportunity to see many “glue guys” who may not score all the points or get headlines, but are still very important to their team’s success. Here is a look at some of those key players from around the state.

Luke Landwehr 6’4″ Warrensburg ’19

A solid combo forward whose skill set is perfect for his team’s offense, which has a lot of ball movement, screening and cutting. He is an excellent passer who moves the ball well and he sets solid screens. He can also keep the floor spaced by knocking down 3-pointers. He will also defend the low post against opposing bigs.


Jake Patton 6’1″ Fort Zumwalt South ’19

On a team with some nice offensive weapons, the scrappy shooting guard does many of the little things that helped the Bulldogs advance to the Class 5 state quarterfinals last season. He can knock down open 3-pointers, but he is also a solid ball handler, defensive player and facilitator. When there is a loose ball to be hand, he is one the floor. He also gives up his body to take charges on defense.


Xander Martin 6’2″ Poplar Bluff ’19

A very solid shooting guard who was a big part of Bluff’s run to a district championship last season, Martin is a very good 3-point shooter who also does a nice job of passing the ball. He is always in the right spot and the ball doesn’t stick to his hands. The offense seems to run smoother when he is one the floor.


Blessin Kimble 6’5″ Charleston ’20

A young post player who plays with a limitless supply on energy around the basket. He is a tireless worker on the boards who goes after every rebound he can get his hands on. On defense, he is constantly challenging shots at the rim and he runs the court very well. He’s always hustling. He has success on the court without ever having to be part of the offense.


Dallas King 6’1″ Webster Groves ’19

A quick athletic combo guard who will move into a bigger role as a senior next season. He is a very good shooter, but in June he provided excellent play in a lot of different areas. He was disruptive on defense and did a nice job of getting into passing lanes and creating turnovers. He also proved to be a good facilitator with his ability to penetrate and kick out to open shooters.


Josh Skidmore 6’1″ Parkway South ’19


Charles O’Reilly 6’2″ Springfield Catholic ’19

An athletic two guard who does a nice job of pushing the tempo whenever he has the basketball in his hands. He is a solid offensive player, but I also like the way he rebounds from the guard position and defends. He likes to guard the opposing team’s top player and he will try to disrupt him and get under their skin. He works hard on both ends of the floor.


Tyon Hughes 6’5″ Soldan ’19


Vernell Sims 6’5″ Jennings ’19

The athletic forward plays the Tristian Thompson role for the Warriors. He is good for at least three to four offensive rebounds every game. I mean EVERY GAME. He is on the offensive glass getting put back buckets or extra possessions for his team. He gets good position and has a quick second jump around the basket.


Kaelin Kendrick 6’3″ Monroe City ’19

On a team that is very guard oriented with a lot of scoring threats, Kendrick does a nice job of getting a lot of his teammates open with his ability to screen. He is committed to getting a body on somebody, whether it is setting a screen or blocking out for rebounds.