Iowa’s Ten Best: Passers


Posted On: 07/10/18 2:02 PM

We needed something to do until the summer live periods start on July 13. So, we did what’s always a popular thing to do: made some lists. We’ve gleaned through our prospect rankings and — and looked beyond — to make up lists of the best guys in the state by category. Today, we’ll take a look at Iowa’s best passers: the guys with eyes in the back of their heads, who rifle passes with equal parts flare and precision. 


Jake Hilmer, 5’10 PG (North Linn)

The fact that he broke the all-time career assists mark as a junior speaks volumes, and there’s zero doubt that Hilmer is one of the more talented passers to ever play in Iowa. He’s always got his head up looking to create, and is one of the best at pushing tempo. North Linn will again be very good next year because of Hilmer.


Noah Hart, 6’3 PG (Waukee)

We remember Hart’s coming out party at our Top 250 Expo two years ago. We knew he could shoot and we knew he was one of the state’s top 2019s, but we didn’t know at the time that he could pass like that. Hart put on a show that day, there was no pass he didn’t make. And he’s been putting on a show ever since.


Tyreke Locure, 5’10 PG (Des Moines North)

The sheer assist numbers are the story with Locure. And the Polar Bears’ all-time assists leader still has a full season left to assault the Iowa high school record books. As a freshman, he led all of 4A by a wide margin while averaging 7.3 assists per game. As a sophomore he again averaged a whopping 7.3 helpers per. Last season, he dished out 6.9 per game. We’re guessing the South Alabama commit leads class 4A in assists again this season.


Jackson Molstead, 5’10 PG (Charles City)

A dual elite scoring and passing threat, Molstead is a guy that can provide a little flare with his assists. He’s so fast and so skilled that it’s no wonder he’s one of Iowa’s best dime droppers. As a junior, he dished out 7.3 assists per game. Molstead is 3A’s returning leading assists man.



DJ Carton, 6’2 PG (Bettendorf)

There’s a reason why Carton is one of the nation’s hottest prospects right now; plainly put,  it’s because he does a lot of things really, really well. He’s explosive, has a tight handle and will drop a dime if the mood strikes. His assists numbers aren’t as high as others on this list, but that’s because he did most of the scoring himself for low-scoring Bettendorf last season. Make no mistake, Carton can dazzle with his vision and passing.


Braxton Bayless, 6′ PG (Ankeny)

It’s going to be a breakout junior season for the former Valley Tiger turned Ankeny Hawk, and it’s his passing that Ankeny fans will likely be struck by most. Bayless does a lot of things well, but dropping dimes to teammates is probably his best strength.



Nathaniel Mueller, 5’6 PG (ADM)

Just a rising sophomore, Mueller has already established himself as one of the more dynamic point guards in the state. His handles are sharp, but his ability to rifle a slick pass to a streaking teammate is equally as adept. ADM fans will have a lot of fun watching this kid play the next three winters.



Keontae Luckett, 5’9 PG (New London)

The numbers don’t lie, and Luckett has been near the top of Iowa’s assist list for three seasons now. As a freshman he was unfazed by the older competition and averaged 5.1 helpers per game, he upped that to 5.5 as a sophomore and last season saw a big spike with 6.9 assists per game.



Cliff McCray, 6’2 PG (Sioux City West)

Without a doubt one of Northwest Iowa’s very best players, McCray is a flat out play-maker and has been since his freshman season with the Wolverines. He led his team in assists as a sophomore and again last year as a junior when he was fifth best in Class 4A with 126 of them.



Cole Henry, 6’9 F (Oskaloosa)

The only non-point guard to make this list, Henry is a swiss army knife guy, who impacts the game in as many ways as dunks he might throw down on any given night. Passing is certainly one of his many strengths. He’s big enough to see over the competition, and patient enough to wait for the perfect opportunity to throw a strike. He led the Indians in assists last season with 5.5 per game.