Posted On: 07/2/18 4:37 PM

We needed something to do until the summer live periods start on July 13. So, we did what’s always a popular thing to do: made some lists. We’ve gleaned through our prospect rankings and — and looked beyond — to make up lists of the best guys in the state by category. First, we’ll take a look the state’s ten best shooters. There’s just so many to choose from, Iowa is notorious for being a good shooting state, so we had to include an honorable mention list with this one.


Aidan Vanderloo, 6′ G (Sioux City East) — 2019

Last season he connected on 52.5 percent of his 3-attempts, and over the course of his career with the Black Raiders he’s 54 percent from deep during his career. That’s head and shoulders better than anyone else in Iowa. So, ya, enough said.


Andrew Gibb, 6’3 SG (St. Edmond) — 2019

When he was a sophomore he achieved the extremely rare 50/50/90 feat; that’s shooting at least 50 percent from the floor, at least 50 percent from deep and at least 90 percent from the free-throw line. We saw him shoot it later that summer and saw why.


Carter Duwa, 5’10 PG (Pleasant Valley) — 2019

He’s so precise and pairs it with great skill and quickness with the ball in his hands, so he’s able to create looks for himself, and excels at hitting the mid-range off the bounce. As a junior he was 41 percent from beyond the arc, but what was most impressive, is his state-best 93.5 percent free-throw percentage.


Bowen Born, 5’10 G (Norwalk) — 2020

A naturally gifted athlete, Born comes from a some sharpshooting stock, his dad was a sniper for Iowa State in the early 1990s. We’re here to tell you, the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Born is capable of lighting it up each time he steps on the floor. His shooting clips as a sophomore were 51/42/82.


Nick Jacobs, 5’10 G (Akron-Westfield) — 2019

This is a guy who we’ve never actually see play, but the numbers speak for themselves. Last season nobody in the state not named AJ Green made more 3s than this kid, he canned 100 of them (Green made 119). And he did so at a pretty good clip of 40 percent. Most guys on this list are better than 40 percent outside shooters, but nobody on this list made more 3s than Jacobs did last season.


Daniel Wright, 6’6 SF (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) — 2020

As a sophomore at Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Wright was exceptional while helping them to a second straight state tourney appearance. It’s his good size and versatility that make him such a threat, it’s his ability to shoot it that makes him special. He was 53 percent from the floor, 42 percent from deep and an 89 percent free-thrower.


Peyton Pope, 5’11 SG (West Marshall) — 2020

Jacobs from Akron-Westfield might have made more 3s, but not by much. We could argue that Pope’s shooting campaign last winter was more impressive, he made 88 (12 less than Jacobs), but at a blistering 49 percent clip.


Trey Hutcheson, 6’5 G/F (Linn Mar) — 2019

His height and great length help with his ability to shoot over defenders and all those things combined make him a Division I hoops prospect. Despite being the focal point of every opposing team’s defense last season, Hutcheson still had some nice shooting clips of 47/43/87 percent.


Keegan Murray,  6’7 SG (Cedar Rapids Prairie) — 2019

This was a bit of a toss-up between Keegan and twin brother Kris, we’ve seen both as elite shooters in the past especially during AAU season. As a junior, Keegan was a little better, making more 3s (48) at a better percentage (37). He was also an extremely accurate 88.2 percent from the free-throw line.


Matthew Brase, 5’9 SG (Marion) — 2019

He didn’t get a ton of shots up last season fro a Marion squad that qualified for the 3A state tourney field, but when he shot it, odds were he was making it, literally. Brase was one of just two returning guys (Vanderloo the other), who made more than 40 3s, and do so at above 50 percent (55.3). Of all players with more than 75-point attempts, Brase had the best percentage.


Honorable Mentions: Kris Murray, Gatdoar BijiekJackson Kochendorfer, Burke Pitz, Hosea Treadwell, Masen Miller, Payton Sandfort , Karson Sharar, Keaton Kutcher, Abe Becker, Logan Aldinger, Tyler Reiss.