Iowa’s Ten Best: Dunkers


Posted On: 07/7/18 12:42 PM

We needed something to do until the summer live periods start on July 13. So, we did what’s always a popular thing to do: made some lists. We’ve gleaned through our prospect rankings and — and looked beyond — to make up lists of the best guys in the state by category. Today, we’ll take a look at Iowa’s best dunkers: the guys with showstopping athleticism, who rise up and provide some rim-rattling excitement.


Issa Samake, 6’7 F (Grand View Christian) — 2019

Reverse alley-oop jams seem to be his specialty, we’ve seen him do two now: one at the state tournament, and one this spring at an AAU tourney. We’ve also seen him take off from just inside the free-throw line and throw one down. He’s the most athletic guy in the state and has the longest arms. So, ya, dunking is his strength.


Patrick McCaffery (Photo credit: Cole Cooper Photography)

Patrick McCaffery, 6’8 SF (Iowa City West) –2019

We’ve seen him throw down some ferocious jams on several occasions. At 6’9 and with some nice lift McCaffery is a guy that gets way above the rim. When he’s playing, you just hope he gets loose for a breakaway slam.


Noah Carter, 6’5 F (Dubuque, Senior) — 2019

His AAU coach compared him to Charles Barkley earlier this spring in a tweet, we like that comparison. Barkley was an undersized guy with incredible bounce, Carter is a slightly undersized big-man with incredible bounce. He’ll lift off from a stand-still and dunk on you.


Xavier Foster, 6’10 F (Oskaloosa) — 2020

The state’s highest-ranked 2020, Foster, like Samake, has some incredible length, he barely has to jump to jam. As it is, he’s got some nice lift too. When the opportunity is there, Foster is a guy who can throw down some showstopping jams.


Cole Henry, 6’9 F (Oskaloosa) — 2019

Two guys from the same Class 3A school make the top dunkers list! It is a golden age of hoops in Oskaloosa, and with Henry’s ability to throw down jams of all varieties, and Foster too, expect a rousing season for the Indians next winter.


Trayvon Williams, 6’3 G (Valley) — 2019

The Valley guard is one of the smaller guys on this list, but that’s what make his dunks more impressive. He’s got as much lift as nearly anyone in the state, and he’s an aggressive dunk-seeker, always looking to posterize.


Logan Wolf

Logan Wolf, 6’5 G (Cedar Falls) — 2019

Athleticism is his best asset, and when he got up and threw down a baseline jam at the state tourney in March, his head was up near the rim. A two-way standout, it’s plain to see why Wolf has garnered Division I football attention.


DJ Carton, 6’2 G (Bettendorf) — 2019

There’s been lots of videos on the internet lately showcasing exactly what DJ Carton is capable of when he gets near the rim. He’s an explosive athlete and skilled point guard, it’s no wonder he’s one of the hottest prospects in the country right now.


James Betz, 6’6 F (G-H-V) — 2019

Another guy, like Samake and Foster, who mixes great length with nice lift. When the opportunity presents itself, Betz can throw down as violently as anyone on the state. Northern Iowa fans will like what they see when the versatile and athletic combo-forward arrives on campus in 2020.


Lino Malual, 6’2 G (Des Moines North) — 2019

He’s a guy that seems to float more than simply jump. He’s floaty. If there’s one guy in the state we’d like to see for a breakaway jam, it’s probably Malual. There’s just something about seeing smaller guys get way up and jam that’s special.


Honorable Mention: Agueck Deng, Angelo Winkel, Jappanah Kellogg, Zack Lasek, Dylan Jones, Even Brauns, Keshawn Christian, Tyler Andrews, Isaiah Johnson, Keaton Mitchell.