Iowa’s Ten Best: Ball Handlers


Posted On: 07/3/18 5:00 PM

We needed something to do until the summer live periods start on July 13. So, we did what’s always a popular thing to do: made some lists. We’ve gleaned through our prospect rankings and — and looked beyond — to make up lists of the best guys in the state by category. Today, we’ll take a look at Iowa’s best ball-handlers, the guys with some razzle-dazzle, who are always in control and have the ball on a string. 


DJ Carton, BettendorfDJ Carton, 6’2 PG (Bettendorf) — 2019

We knew from the first moments we saw Carton when he was a sophomore at the state tourney, that he had some of Iowa’s best handles. Smooth with a quick behind-the-back move, Carton has gone on to blow up from there. He’s one of the nation’s very best point guards.


Tyreke Locure, 5’10 PG (Des Moines North) — 2019

There’s a reason why Locure has been and will continue to light up the record books, not only at North, but in the state, and it starts with his ability to handle the rock. He can make opponents look silly at times, but seldom does he waste dribbles. Locure always has a plan, and that typically spells trouble for opponents.


Jake Hilmer, 5’10 PG (North Linn) — 2019

He’s so fast, and he’s especially fast with the ball in his hands. Hilmer can get from one side of the court with the dribble faster than most anyone we’ve seen at the high school ranks, and his handle is always intact. He can be flashy, too, when the mood strikes.


Cortaviaus Seales, 6′ PG (North Scott) — 2019

A quick crossover and a lethal blow-by, Seales is a guy that we’ve seen control and dominate games at times this offseason. He’ll be one to keep an eye on this July, ahead of what could be a special senior season for him.


Adam Jackson, 5’10 G (Des Moines Hoover) — 2019

While other guys on this list might have more flashy handles, Jackson is a guy who’s methodical with his technique and always in complete control. He’s a fantastic shooter off the bounce, and with his deliberate ball-handling approach, he’s able to carve out looks for himself when necessary.


Bowen Born, 5’10 PG (Norwalk) — 2020

We highlighted Born yesterday in the sharpshooters article, and he again makes an appearance among the ball handlers. It’s no secret that Born is one of the more skilled players in the Midwest, and his slick handles are just one part of his massive offensive arsenal.


Avery Mellman, 5’9 PG (Mason City) — 2020

The Mason City rising junior is tough, and his ability to shoot of the bounce paired with his ball handling prowess make him a guy who could have a breakout junior season.


Antonio Alzheimer, 6′ PG (Des Moines Roosevelt) — 2020

On more than one occasion we’ve seen the Roughriders point guard toy with his opponent, if anything else, it provides him with a slight psychological edge. Alzheimer didn’t quite have the breakout season we thought he would as a sophomore. Next winter could be his time.


Antonio Turner, 5’9 PG (Iowa City High) — 2019

He was doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted at the Centennial Classic last month, and it was his sharp handles that made him nearly impossible to contain. His handle is what the offense is predicated on, but his ability to find open teammates make him more dangerous.


Nathaniel Mueller, 5’6 PG (ADM) — 2021

There’s no question that this youngster was going to make this list, he’s low to the ground and ultra-quick, those two things paired with his tight handle make him nearly impossible to steal the ball from. He’s got some serious razzle-dazzle to his game, and is without a doubt one of Iowa’s more entertaining players to watch.