Posted On: 07/23/18 11:55 PM

Kirby High School forward DaQuarius Harris is a low major starter looking for a college team.   He runs with Team Thad Head Coach Josh Weeden.

Team Thad 16u wins and has won a lot of games this AAU season.  With stars like Marvin Hughes, Markeston Douglas, Rodney Mason III, and Bo Montgomery it can be difficult to get attention.  Harris doesn’t see that as his purpose with the Team Thad 16u team.

“I really focus on playing defense,” said DaQuarius Harris.  “I love playing defense.”

DaQuarius averaged 2.0 blocks per game while playing just 12.0 minutes per contest.

At almost 6-foot-8 Harris changes shots and deters layups.  His long arms and quality instincts present problems in the lane.  Truthfully, with Team Thad 16u most of his baskets come within three feet of the tin.  He doesn’t get many post feeds or have any plays designed specifically for him.

Meet DaQuarius Harris.