Posted On: 07/6/18 7:00 AM

Team Flight coach Fred Banks jokes that he’s done quite well with football players on his AAU team over the years. Interestingly enough, this year’s group has more pure basketball players on the squad and they’re hoping to piggyback off a good spring with an even better summer campaign in July.

Here’s a breakdown of the roster and how they have performed this far:

Jay Elmore (2019 South Eugene HS/Kimball Union Prep) – Elmore, a tough 6-foot-1 guard, will be attending Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire for a prep year, so he’s playing one more year on the circuit with Team Flight. He’s extremely good with the ball in his hands and can fill it up from the outside and get hot in a hurry. Schools such as Montana, Montana State, Eastern Washington, and UC Irvine have shown interest, and Elmore is looking to further increase his recruitment at prep school.

Dominic McGarvey (2019 Sheldon HS) – McGarvey, an athletic 6-foot-9, anchors the middle for Team Flight on both ends. He continues to grow into his own body but has gotten bigger and stronger. While the bulk of his damange is done posting up he’s improving his outside shot to face up as well. He’s tough on the boards and on defense and schools such as Portland, Portland State, San Diego State, and Cal State Fullerton have shown interest and he’s also camped at Washington State.

Owen Cross (2019 Willamette HS) – Cross is a little new to the AAU game but has had a solid season so far with Team Flight.  The 6-foot-2 lefty has a good outside shot and has, what Banks says, fit into the system really well and should settle in more in the month of July.

Dylan Reichenberger (2018 Willamette HS) – Reichenberger, an unsigned senior, will help out underneath at 6-foot-5. Banks calls him the “Dennis Rodman” of the team as he does a lot of the little stuff that helps win games. Should he not gain any more offers, Banks notes that Reichenberger will likely head to Linn-Benton CC.

Jaren Banks (2018 Sheldon HS) – Banks is just happens to be the son of Coach Banks, who calls him the best role player on the team. At 6-foot, 205-pounds and as an aforementioned football player – he’ll be attending New Mexico Military Institute to play on the gridiron – he adds plety of toughness.

Bryson Bresee (2018 Springfield HS) – Bresee is a guard that has quick hands and adds backcourt depth. Like Reichenberger, he’s headed to Linn-Benton CC if other options don’t work out but Banks feels he has a lot of potential.

Sam Harris (2020 South Eugene HS) – Harris is a diminuitive 5-foot-8 point guard with good handles and a pretty good shot from the outside.

Rounding out the roster are Griffin Line (2020 Sheldon HS), a 6-foot athletic slasher, and Jackson Tucker (2019 Sheldon HS), who adds backcourt depth.

In July, Team Flight will be playing in tournaments in Anaheim and Las Vegas.