Posted On: 07/5/18 7:00 AM

509 Elite has taught the basic fundamentals of basketball while fielding a competitive team on the AAU circuit. The squad was missing several players in the spring, but with them back and the addition of an athletic post, coach Chris VerStrate’s squad is looking to do big things in July.

“There’s a difference between our team then (in the spring) and now,” VerStrate said. “We’re expecting to have a big summer.”

Here’s a breakdown of the roster and how they have performed this far:

Jerry Twenge (2019 Mt Spokane HS) – Twenge is 509 Elite’s top player, a 6-foot-3 shooter who can score both inside and out. He plays hard on both ends and has shown a good basketball IQ. Twenge is currently receiving interest from Division III and NAIA schools but VerStrate believes a big July should help Twenge get more attention.

Brandton Chatfield (2019 Clarkston HS) – Chatfield, at 6-foot-9, is by far the team’s tallest player. He’s a bit raw with his skills but is athletic and super aggressive where he tries to dunk on people and block shots on defense. He’s still working on developing his footwork but has been improving rapidly and is a great student. Division III and NAIA schools are showing the most attention so far for Chatfield, who didn’t play in the spring.

Camden VerStrate (2019 Cheney HS) – VerStrate is the team’s starting point guard at 5-foot-8. He’s a slasher who has good vision on the court. He’s super competitive and has the ability to hit big shots when needed. VerStrate is coming off sports hernia surgery but he will be close to full speed in July.

JT Smith (2019 Mt Spokane HS) – Smith is a combo guard at 5-foot-9. Overall he’s a solid player with a good feel for the game. He has good quickness and is a team-oriented guy who can knock down open shots. He played baseball in the spring so July will be his first action of the AAU season.

Isaak Ottmar (2019 Liberty HS) – Ottmar is a 6-foot-4 forward who is the team’s “glue guy”. He will bang down low, score on putbacks, and overall has good fundamentals. He is currently getting some interest from some small schools.

Devin Cook (2019 Cheney HS) – Cook is a competitive 6-foot guard who can hit the deep three but he’s actually more of a slasher who draws fouls. He’s super aggressive on defense and rebounds well for his position.

Spencer Barrera (2019 Mt Spokane HS) – Barerra is a lanky 6-foot-2 guard who as a track standout, offers good athleticism to the backcourt. He has a good outside shot and can get hot in a hurry. He’s also solid defensively.

Josh Wilson (2019 Central Valley HS) – Wilson is a lanky 6-foot-1 guard who is the team’s shut-down defender. He can slash to the basket or hit the open jumper and has contributed on the boards.

Tristan Cox (2019 Lakeside HS) – Cox is the team’s spot-up shooter at 5-foot-8. The son of a coach, he is a smart player who plays within himself and knows his role.

Jake Markham (2019 Ferris HS) – Markham is a 5-foot-9 guard who VerStrate calls a “crafty opportunist”. He’s able to make plays on both ends.

In July, 509 Elite – who is also coached by Randy Moffatt, will be playing in tournaments in Bellevue, Salem, and Anaheim.