Francisco’s Finest: Pangos Premier 80 Showcase (Surprises)


Posted On: 07/16/18 8:11 PM

Francisco’s Finest: Pangos Premier 80 Showcase (Surprises)

LYNWOOD, CA—There were two major positives while arriving at Firebaugh High School Gymnasium—air conditioning and a bevy of talent. Dinos Trigonis continues to attract the best of the best around the country and it that will probably be the case at the FAB 48 in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. The prospects ranged from 2022 standout Amari Bailey to 2020 stud Mady Sissoko—as well as a plethora of Division 1 prospects in between. 

Max Cheylov (Calabasas)

2019, PG, 6-foot-3, 170 pounds

Joel’s Take: Cheylov is a true point guard who has a rangy frame, good speed, and he knows how to get others involved. He pushes hard in transition and either delivers the look-ahead pass or stops on a dime to snap a pass to an open shooter. His shot is playable and he can get into the lane, but those are areas that need improvement. 

Cameron Katal (Westview/AZ)

2019, PF, 6-foot-9, 215 pounds

Joel’s Take: Katal has a nice frame with good length and he’s a quality athlete. He shows an excellent 2nd jump while pursuing rebounds. He can face-up his opponent and attack and he even knocked in a couple of 3-pointers. He can finish in transition as well as through contact and his hands are excellent. 

Malvin Payero (Valley Christian)

2020, PG, 6-foot-1, 170 pounds

Joel’s Take: Payero was one of the better true point guards in the camp. The strong lead guard got into the lane at will, carried defenders on his hip, and converted shots in the paint. He can run the pick-n-roll and his head is always up while attacking the defense. Didn’t see a jump shot while watching so that is one of a few unknowns with this intriguing prospect. 

Luke O’Brien (Columbine/CO)

2019, WF/PF, 6-foot-6, 185 pounds

O’Brien is an athletic 4/3 with a sweet stroke

Joel’s Take: O’Brien may have been the biggest surprise in the camp. The willowy 4/3 has a sweet shooting touch and he gets great lift on his shot. He runs well and is slippery in transition while attacking the rim. The bouncy athlete has a nose for the ball and his passing was impressive as well. 

Isaiah Hawthorne (Tracy/CA)

2019, WF, 6-foot-7, 190 pounds

Joel’s Take: Hawthorne is arguably the No. 1 prospect in Northern California. He is a hyrid forward who can score inside and out and he is active at both ends. He has a quality 1st step off the triple threat and his burst to the rim is quite good. If a shooting opportunity doesn’t present itself he deliver the timely assist. His shot selection and jump shot were questionable at times, but that happens a lot in camp settings. 

Jason Murphy (St Frances Academy/MD)

2019, PF, 6-foot-8, 225 pounds

Jason Murphy
Murphy is a blue-collar 4-man who gives an honest effort at both ends.

Joel’s Take: When watching Murphy I immediately thought of “Blue-Collar” 4-man. He is a no non sense post player who converts in the paint utilizing his strong frame and grit. He can score with either hand and his jump hook is a weapon. He is a bit mechanical (lacks great lift), but he knows how to carve out space and he uses his long arms to rebound in and out of his area.