Francisco’s Finest: Pangos Premier 80 Showcase (Best Prospects)


Posted On: 07/13/18 9:36 PM

Francisco’s Finest: Pangos Premier 80 Showcase (Best Prospects)

LYNWOOD, CA—There were two major positives while arriving at Firebaugh High School Gymnasium—air conditioning and a bevy of talent. Dinos Trigonis continues to attract the best of the best around the country and it that will probably be the case at the FAB 48 in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. The prospects ranged from 2022 standout Amari Bailey to 2020 stud Mady Sissoko—as well as a plethora of Division 1 prospects in between. 

Mady Sissoko (Wasatch Academy/UT)

2020, C, 6-foot-9, 235 pounds

6-foot-9 forward Mady Sissoko was an overwhelming interior presence at the Pangos Premier 80.

Joel’s Take: Arguably the NO. 1 prospect and player in the event was Sissoko. The physical tools are noticeble as he blessed with long arms, broad shoulders, and explosiveness. Toss in the fact that his motor is high level and he may be the most productive rebounder I’ve seen this spring and summer. Offensively, he gets his points in the paint—usually of the brute force variety. While defensively, he’ll rebound, sprint the floor, and finish in a blink of an eye. 

Fallou Diagne (Tri-Cities/AZ)

2020, C, 6-foot-10, 220 pounds

Joel’s Take: Diagne could fit into a number of categories because I’ve not seen him. However, after taking in two games he showed a variety of tools that persuaded me to put him into this category. He showed inside-out skills as he knocked in 3s, scored over his left shoulder in the post, and utlized the triple threat as he blew by defenders off the dribble. 

Daishen Nix (Trinity/NV)

2020, PG, 6-foot-4, 185 pounds

Nix was the best PG at the Pangos Premier 80

Joel’s Take: Nix was the best point guard prospect at the event. The game comes so easy to him that he did get carried away with his handle a few times. However, overall he was very impressive. He plays at a great pace, can knock in deep 3s off the dribble, and his passing acumen was high-level. 

Bayron Matos-Garcia (Hamilton Heights Chrisitian/TN)

2020, PF, 6-foot-8, 235 pounds

Joel’s Take: After watching Matos-Garcia play a couple times, it came as no surprise on why Florida offered this man-child. The ferocious rebounder snatched boards in and out of his area due to his instincts, ability to carve out space, and magnetic hands. He finished through contact and played both ends with a blue-collar mentality.