Posted On: 07/16/18 4:29 PM


The 15u Legends of Bluff City struggled to bury a powerful Boo Williams 15u team Saturday afternoon in the Peach Invitational Tournament (PIT), 72-63.  It took a ferocious attacking spirit from two Bluff City guards and competent free throw shooting to close.

By Sunday afternoon Bluff City finished the deeply-talented event 6-2 with a loss in the final game 62-58 to the Alabama Fusion.  Overall it was a successful weekend and the three games that typified the mental toughness of the team occurred Friday-Saturday.

The first, Bradley Beal Elite challenged but fell to the Bluff City Legends Friday night.  Read about the third key win shortly.  The second of that trio of games is detailed below.

Boo Williams 15u came out slow against the Bluff City Legends 15u.

J Law Gets Bold

Johnathan Lawson took the team on his back late in the first half.  Bluff City leaped out to 11-4 with slashing.  With aggression the sophomore-to-be carved up the Boo Williams defense.  A bigger team failed to keep the tall guard away from the tin.

The youngest Lawson takes gigantic strides, but then mixes in quick pitter-patter steps in tight.  Lawson’s change of direction makes bigger defenders struggle mightily.  Though he often stands as tall as most defenders Lawson is much, much quicker and mobile.  His thin hips allow him to swivel completely and change direction immediately.

Lawson helped Bluff City to a 6-0 run to close the first half.

Halftime score: 35-30.

Jalen Brown helped Bluff City to a 6-1 lead to open the second half.  Jalen (PrepHoopsTN #4) dashed around the edge into the lane.  Though he drew two defenders at the rim he finished gorgeously with a left-handed scoop layup.

It was a glorious stretch for the debilitated Brown and his rolled ankle only worsened throughout Saturday ultimately preventing him from competing at all.

Slap Happy

Both teams committed frequent fouls.  They actually created many more than the two overwhelmed officials even called.  When players dipped deep into the paint they never came out unscathed.  Arms took on scratches and faces absorbed arm bars.

Basketball at the AAU level is typically competitive, but these two teams took the competitiveness to an uncomfortably physical place.

Beyond the 13 made free throws from Legend hands both teams sustained uncalled fouls.  Many were missed.

In the Lane

Between Jalen Brown and Lawson the Legends routinely darted into the lane.  The height of Boo Williams’ frontcourt stood tall and deterred a few shots and yet both Lawson and Brown got decent shots up and over the rim.  Their misses always coincided with whistles and the pair are excellent free throw shooters, so Head Coach Lawson gladly accepted the trade-off.

J Law Gets Hot

Early in the second half Bluff City Legend leading scorer Johnathan Lawson got tangled up with Boo Williams’ big man.   The ref noticed the heated body language and asked that both calmly “play basketball.”

Lawson retorted with a snide comment that the official didn’t like.

To his credit Lawson remained on the court and found a way to be constructive with his tenacity.  He certainly funneled that energy towards production instead of bickering.

Believe What You See

First Half VIDEO