Posted On: 07/19/18 11:30 AM

Over the next few weeks, PHD will spotlight some players in South Dakota in our “Five Facts” series. Be sure to pay attention as there is an “alternative fact” in each story. 

This week will we put Trent Broksieck under the spotlight. Broksieck was the only underclassmen on the Brookings Bobcats this past season. Being so, it was challenging at times for him to get used to the physicality and fast pace of “AA” varsity basketball. He was a solid role player off the bench when his number was called, and looks to continue to improve going into next year.

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1) Broksieck once had 13 threes in a game his eighth-grade year.


2) He loves scoring the ball all kinds of ways, but the three ball is his favorite shot.


3) You can always find Broksieck and Tevin King at Frost Arena about every night around 11.


4) His freshman year, he had 42 points in only three quarters during a game.


5) He can’t wear the same shoe two games in a row.



Did you catch this week’s alternative fact? It was number 1 … Although he is known for hitting several three’s throughout a game he hasn’t made 13. His record is 11 three’s during an AAU game vs. Team Brad Beal at a tournament in Wichita.

Tune into the next “Five Facts” article on Tuesday where we put Red Cloud’s Alejandro Rama in the spotlight! Read part one on Connor Libis here.