Posted On: 07/26/18 11:30 AM

Over the next few weeks, PHD will spotlight some players in South Dakota in our “Five Facts” series. Be sure to pay attention as there is an “alternative fact” in each story. 

In this edition of Five Facts, we’ll talk about Kade Stearns, a senior guard from Tea Area. Stearns has been a big factor for the Titans as they won their first-ever state title in basketball in 2017 and then placed second in last years state tournament. With the majority of the team back Stearns and Tea Area look to bring home a second title in three years. He averaged 10 points a game and was tied with Justin Hohn for second on the team in scoring. Stearns was also deadly from downtown shooting 36 percent during the season and 44 percent during the state tournament.

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1) At the start of his sophomore year he played JV, and six games into the year he was starting varsity and later won a state championship that year.


2) He had zero turnovers the whole 2017 state tournament.


3) He made a visit to the urgent care the morning of the 2018 state championship game.


4) Stearns has two practice shoes and seven gameday shoes


5) The most three-pointers Stearns hit in one game was seven.



Did you catch which one was the false one? It was number five … Stearns is a great outside shooter, but he hasn’t hit the seven threes in one game level yet. Although he did have the second most three-pointers on the team behind Noah Freidel.

Tune into the next “Five Facts” article on Tuesday where we put Charlie Cox under the spotlight!

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