Posted On: 07/17/18 1:00 PM

Over the next few weeks, PHD will spotlight some players in South Dakota in our “Five Facts” series. Be sure to pay attention as there is an “alternative fact” in each story. 

This week we will get to know Dell Rapids St. Mary’s Sophomore guard Connor Libis. Libis has been apart of the Cardinals Varsity team since the seventh grade and recently just had one of his best seasons yet as a Cardinal. He was a big factor in St Mary’s first season above .500 in 10 years. He made the Dakota Valley Conference First Team with a 22.4 ppg, 3.3 boards and 2.3 assists a game on the year. He was also named MVP of the Entringer Classic last year.

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1) He hit six three-pointers in his first half of varsity basketball as a seventh grader.


2) During a three-game stretch as an eighth-grader, he had a game of 33, 31 & 27 points.


3) Libis is a two-time first team all-conference player.


4) He made a full court shot to win a game this past season.


5) During his fourth grade basketball season, his team won a game 66-2.


Did you catch this week’s alternative fact? It was number 4.

Tune into the next “Five Facts” article on Thursday where we put Brooking’s Trent Broksieck under the spotlight!