Posted On: 07/17/18 6:32 PM

The first live period of the summer featured two Kentucky seniors raking in the offers and two Kentucky programs securing tournament championships. Here’s a quick recap of what results we could find by scouring the internet and Twitter.


  • The Louisville Magic went 2-2 at the Adidas Gold Gauntlet Finals. They beat Kevon Looney Elite and Team Loaded but fell to the Arkansas Hawks and Team BBC.
  • Team Manimal Elite went 0-3 on the weekend at the Adidas Gold Gauntlet Finals with losses to K Low, Indiana Elite and the Compton Magic
  • M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs went 3-1 at the Under Armour Association with wins over Eightball Elite, Example Sports and 6th Man Warriors before losing to We R 1 in the tournament.
  • Louisville Prospects went 1-3 with losses to All Ohio Wolves, Southwest Rebels and Texas Tar Heels. Their win came over Indiana Faith.
  • Hoop Dreams went 0-4 with 4 bad losses at the Peach State Showcase.
  • The Ville went 2-1 in pool play before losing in their opening game of tournament play.



  • Louisville Magic went 1-3  at the Adidas Gold Gauntlet Finals with losses to Team Loaded VA, Team Carroll Premier, Exum Elite and a win over Team Lillard.
  • Kentucky Vision went 1-3 at the Under Armour Challenge with losses to Philly Pride, 1 Nation and the Florida Lightning and a win over Example Sports.
  • M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs went 2-2 at the Under Armour Challenge with losses to Fundamental U and New Heights and wins over Las Vegas Punishers and the Q6 All-Stars.
  • Iam3rd Ice went 1-3 at the Adidas Invitational with a win over Destination X Red and losses to Indiana Elite Central, Hidden Gems Black and Mid Ohio Pumas.
  • Louisville Prospects went 3-3 on the weekend at the Adidas Invitational.
  • Kentucky Defenders went 5-1 and advanced deep in the Adidas Invitational.
  • The Ville went winless in pool play before winning the Bronze bracket at the Ballin Under 1 Roof Event.
  • CKY Magic – Green won their pool with a 2-0 record and lost their first tournament game.
  • CKY Magic – Morton won the Ballin Under 1 Roof title by going 6-0 over the weekend.
  • Kentucky Pressure went 3-2 on the weekend.



  • Louisville Magic went 2-2 at the Adidas Gold/Silver Classic. They beat the East End Explosion and Mississippi Kings while losing to Team New England and Gamepoint Elite
  • Manimal Elite went 3-2 in the Adidas Gold/Silver with losses to Game Elite and Team Wall. They defeated Playtime, NY Rebels and 44 Elite MN.
  • Kentucky Vision went 0-4 at the Under Armour Challenge with losses to Texas Impact 4:13, Grassroots Sizzle, Pocket City and Austin Defenders.
  • M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs went 2-3 at the Under Armour Challenge with losses to TMP Elite, Team Felton and B Maze Elite while getting wins over Powerhouse Hoops and Wisconsin Playground Warriors.
  • At the Adidas Invitational, NKY Force went 8-0 and won the Gold Bracket Championship over 65 other teams.
  • Hoop Dreams went to the Peach State Showcase and went 1-4.
  • The Ville went 0-3 in pool play but won two games in bracket play before losing the Bronze bracket title game.
  • NKY Squad won their pool at 3-0 and won a game in bracket play before they lost in the platinum semifinals.