Posted On: 07/4/18 3:22 PM

It’s the 4th Of July and fireworks are about to be lit. We often correlate this holiday with bright lights and explosions. Here in Oklahoma, we are lucky to have many prep basketball players with explosive talents and overall games. Let’s take a look at a few of the players that have games reminiscent of the 4th Of July.

Keylan Boone 2019 Tulsa Memorial/OK Run PWP

Boone can light up the court from all three levels including some impressive thunderous jams. He is certainly one of the brightest fireworks in the state of Oklahoma. When it comes to entertainment, Boone puts on a show for the crowd. Keylan, has a game with a big boom and bright lights similar to a “Chrysanthemum” firework.

Kalib Boone 2019 Tulsa Memorial/OK Run PWP

This Boone is the taller of the two that plays in the paint. He gets the job done inside dominating the post! The straight fire he delivers each night in the paint featuring big-time dunks and tons of rebounding remind us of the “Giant Roman Candle” that just keeps bringing the heat!

Antonio Gordon 2019 Lawton Ike/MOKAN 

The game of Gordon reminds us of a “Crossette” firework. Quite frankly you can always expect Gordon to be everywhere on the court causing opponents great grief on both ends of the floor. One second he will be putting down a big dunk, the next diving on the floor for a rebound or getting a big block. You get the idea, Gordon is all over the place making plays for his team.

Jett Sternberger 2019 Kingfisher/Game Changer Hoops 

Sternberger is the best at raining three-pointers in the state of Oklahoma. The “Willow” firework as you can see shoots with a ton of power and coverts its power into beautiful gold and silver stars. Oh, by the way, Sternberger is a bright star on the court and on the gridiron.

Jacob Thionnet 2019 Edmond Memorial/Team Unity

Thionnet is our pick for “The Ring” firework. As a Wing, Thionnet gives his teams versatility with skills to do so many positive things. He can score it, defend, and is a leader on the court!

Bryce Thompson 2020 Booker T. Washington/OK Run PWP 

The “Palm” firework is one of the brightest to tough the sky each and every 4th of July. Bryce Thompson compares to it as he is one of the fastest bright rising stars in the state of Oklahoma. Thompson is a sharpshooter from the Wing. He is starting to develop every part of his game. It is easy to see why Thompson has so many schools recruiting him.

Anthony Riley 2019 Westmoore/Next Level

Riley has some of the best hops in the state of Oklahoma. He takes home the “Cake” firework because he can light a gym on fire and put people on their feet in awe with spectacular dunks. Similar to how the “Cake” firework is a crowd favorite because of the big show it puts on.

Jacob Germany 2019 Kingston/Team Griffin 

Germany is the “Diadem” firework in Oklahoma! He has so much God gifted talent at 6’10 in the Post. He could blossom into one of the biggest stars in the Oklahoma 2019 Class. Germany is sneaky athletic with lots of upside to his game.

Drew Tennial 2019 Edmond Memorial/Team Griffin 

The “Peony” firework is super consistent, which reflects a lot of what Tennial brings to the floor. Each game Tennial gives his team an edge on offense with his attack of the basket and on defense by snagging steals and rebounds. Tennial was one of the biggest reasons Edmond Memorial made a run to the Class 6A State Tournament a year ago.

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