Posted On: 07/23/18 4:40 AM

Many college coaches committed hours to evaluating 17u players this weekend, but the 16u division featured dozens of valuable prospects too.  The following players stood a little taller in their B.O.T.S. showcase.


B.J. Marable (EOTO TN)

Standing over 6-foot-6 Grace Christian forward Marable rebounded well in his area against an undersized Legacy TN team.  Marable plays moderately aggressive, but needs to work on backing down his defender with a lower center of gravity.   He plays a little too upright and underutilized his leverage.

Matthew Murrell (Team Thad 17u)

The second best sophomore in the state was very good in Emerson, Georgia.  Always a fantastic shooter Murrell is starting to show unabashed slashing.  Everybody knew he could dunk, but against elite athletes Murrell began to finish challenged floaters and fades.  As he develops his mid-range game and finishes with more terrorizing authority he will climb into a top 50 player nationally.

Jacobi Wood (Team WHBH)

Jacobi is so athletic at the point guard position.  This weekend the quiet, polite guard continued to show why DI coaches are gushing over him.  At 6-foot-2 Jacobi makes so many clever decisions.  He has the strong shoulders and wonderful balance that project favorably.  Wood was evaluated by Chattanooga and Lipscomb repeatedly.

DeArre McDonald (Team WHBH)

DeArre is evolving into an amazing perimeter defender.  The muscular frame and calm balance suit the acclimating guard well.  His shot, especially when preceded by a dribble, needs a lot of work.  It comes out at the same angle, but his shot preparation wildly varies.  The speed of his release changes with each attempt.  Considering how athletic DeArre is he doesn’t get off the floor very well for his “J.”  If that jump shot just gets to average DeArre is a DI prospect.

Keon Johnson (EAB 17u)

Keon’s wizardry in tight spaces is only eclipsed by his extraterrestrial hops. He had some dud halves.  Overall Keon is one of the top five players in the state regardless of class.  Only James Wiseman has a better shot at the NBA.