Posted On: 07/20/18 4:06 PM

The D1 Summer Classic got going earlier today and NHR has you covered from the first several hours of the event.  Who won? Who played well?  Get the info now.

Heat Nelson > Comets DLR in Game One

Matt Wyffels

Pool play got started with a really good first game at Shakopee high school.  Injuries have changed the dynamic of the teams a bit as Jared Rainey of the Heat and James Flicek is dealing with an ankle annoyance.  Even though Jon Stimmler aka The Juggernaut, dominated the frontcourt action in the post – Stimmler is a big that continues to prove that the new age game favors him and is something he thrives at – it was the Heat guard play that won out.

So Jared Rainey is out.  That must mean shooter Ricky Eason‘s creator is out and he would struggle too, right?  Let me exercise my vocals – cough cough – as I sing the wrong song:  “You’re wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong! Wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong wrong!” Mr Eason stepped up and showed his versatility and leadership as a player.  With Rainey out Eason led the team at point plus led the team in effort. Heat Nelson executed their sets to perfection in the second half and got several great looks which is where Ricky’s execution was instrumental.

The defensive leader was Elijah Barlue.  His effort on the defensive end equaled that of what Eason did for the offense.  Then add in Jacob Johnson stepping up and scoring more in place of Rainey plus Matt Wyffels was good on both ends and you have a Heat Nelson victory.

At 6-foot-7 Connor Bich continues to be a beast out on the arc especially in the corner, he hit shots in the corner as he usually does.  Bich and Stimmler gave Comets DLR production up front but the Heat defense limited some key backourt guys for the Comets helping Heat Nelson to a 60-49 win.

Crossfire Belle Burns the Heat

Owen Boerema

The headline is more for grabby headline purposes, Crossfire was expected to beat Heat Menco in a big way like they did (71-42).  The Crossfire Belle squad made a statement today though, especially Owen Boerema.  We think Owen is on that edge of strong D3 recruit-NAIA offer-D2 partial type of recruitment, he’s that good.

Today Owen went seven of nine from the field including making a three as well as dishing out five assists. Owen attacked the open lane on a ball reversal and finished through contact. With good size at about 6-foot-4 and the quick step to beat just about any three man that is in front of him, Owen continues to give the Crossfire an element that most teams don’t consistently have a defensive answer for.  If ever.

Another guy playing very well is Cole Elrod.  Cole is about 6-foot-4 or 6-foot-5 and with maturity he’s found more confidence and a lot more fun ways to finish.  Let’s keep this simple, it’s fun to dunk especially on other people.  Cole finished with 22 points including a flush off of a Jordan Schiffler lob. Elrod used his length to finish above the rim through contact plus he was five of seven from the free throw line. in addition, Carson Sawatzke played great defense and caused multiple turnovers that led to transition buckets for our team. Sawatzke was the defensive trendsetter, and he swished four threes!

That’s the type of play that puts Ws in the book.

WOTN Swedburg Takes Two

By the time some of the teams traveling from longer distances get to their first game tonight, WOTN Swedburg will be home relaxing in their pools and heading out to see the latest summer movie.  Why?  WOTN beat Select Ellis 70-38 at 10am and then 75 minutes after beating that team WOTN took out E1T1 58-50 in game two.  Now they will get ready for Vegas scheduling – 24 hours between games – before they take on Heat Walljasper tomorrow.

For the WOTN squad it’s always a collective effort but the grinders did their thing again.  Gavin Patton of Minnetonka continues to play well and future Bison football player Eli Mostaert is winning the fights in the paint.  Add in Mason Zick and Jensen Kemp forcing defenses to be extended with jumpers and that’s the 2-0 start.


The score that made me take a step back was D1 Minnesota Prospects totally taking Minnesota Fury Kaupa to the woodshed.  A 69-45 game went the way of the Prospects and it was never really close at all.  Izaak Raspberry was on his game attacking and moving the basketball for high percentage shots and it was another big day for M’Akil Weems, the 6-foot-4 Tartan forward who brings so much activity.

Good win for the Minnesota Bulldogs who beat E1T1 just as they entered the top 25 this week at the 17u level.

Is Comets K ready to make a title run and get back the ranking they earned earlier in the year?  A 78-42 win over TC Finest is a good start.