Class of 2019: Who Else to Watch in July?


Posted On: 07/13/18 7:10 PM

The live evaluation period in July has begun and members of the Class of 2019 in the state of Oregon are hoping to make major impressions on the college coaches that will be watching them play. Outside of the PrepHoops Oregon Top Ten ranked players, there are several others hoping to make their mark starting this week. Here are some select players looking to ramp up their college recruitment.

#12: Keylin Vance (2019 Jefferson/Nike Team Northwest) – Vance is one of the top pure scorers in the state with his ability to drain the long ball and take it to the basket and finish around the basket in a variety of ways. He was able to showcase his skills not only in the spring with Nike Team Northwest but also in the month of June playing with his high school teammates. At 6-foot-1, he lacks the height to be a pure two-guard so can he show enough point guard skills to get college recruiting interest as a combo guard? It will be interesting to see if some programs jump on board as surely Vance will light up the scoreboard in several games this month.

#17: Zack Galvin (2019 Southridge/Team Fly North) – Galvin played a little AAU basketball this spring for a team in Northern California but has remained largely underneath the recruiting radar. He knows that the month of July is his opportunity to make some noise and joining up with Team Fly may give him the chance to showcase his size, versatility, and shooting ability from the perimeter. Galvin goes all-out after the ball especially on defense and playing in tournaments outside of the state should help increase his exposure.

#20: Sataievior Ayilola (2019 Central Catholic/Rose City Rebels) – While it may still be argued whether or not Ayilola is Class of 2019 or 2020 (we have him listed in the 2019 rankings), there’s no question he has the size and skills to be a dominant force. He certainly passes the look test when he steps on the floor and when the focus is there, he can be outright unstoppable at times. But will he show the motor and overall consistency each and every game? College coaches will be watching closely this month before making any decisions on scholarship offers for the talented big man.

#31: Andrew Graves (2019 Jefferson/Team Fly North) – Graves played a little in the spring for the Rose City Rebels, but left the squad for Team Fly North will he will be the key guy in the paint. At 6-foot-10 he obviously has the height but because of injury – he suffered a deep bone bruise in his knee after the spring viewing period – hasn’t been able to fully display his offensive versatility on the court. Graves remains largely a mystery and when he suits up in July, college coaches will definitely be paying close attention.

#32: Jonathon Nchekwube (2019 Jefferson/Hoop Salem) – Yes, you read that right – Nchekwube has made the move north and was playing with Jefferson in June. Another big man who passes the look test, the key will be if he steps it up with his aggressiveness and utilizes his athleticism down in the paint. In the spring, Nchekwuebe spent a little too much time handling the ball but with Jefferson he was effective down low. College coaches will no doubt be observing every move.