Posted On: 07/4/18 10:00 AM

A number of seniors around the state have decided to continue their basketball careers relatively close to home in the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC). As of July 1, here’s a summary of Oregon in-state players who have signed with two-year NWAC schools.

If there are any omissions/corrections that need to be made, please let us know.

{*} – PrepHoops Oregon Class of 2018 ranking, if applicable

Blue Mountain
Shaw Broncheau, Weston McEwen (’17)
Hayden Brooks, Estacada (’17)
Chris Butcher, Wilson (’17)
Adam Hardman, Lakeridge (’17)
Terrence Johnson, Rosemary Anderson
Bryson Pierce, Pilot Rock

Austin Dufort, Tigard {32}

Matt O’Brien, Clackamas (’17)

Sethon Moore, Cleveland {48}
Brantley Schinkelwitz, Southridge {103}

Columbia Basin
Jesse Connor, Thurston

Will Graves, South Eugene {62}
Trey Lopez, Mazama {55}
Aundree Polk, Lakeridge (’17)
Lucas Wilson, Churchill (’17)

Bryson Bresee, Springfield {72}
Seth Cullison, South Albany
Dakota Kurahara, Hood River

Lower Columbia
Jaylen Lyday, Roosevelt

Mt Hood
Austin Forrar, Barlow
Kyver Raasch, Colton

K’Lum Strickland, Jefferson

Tabor Bosco, La Salle {58}
Kadeem Strickland, Jefferson (’15)

South Puget Sound
Moses Okullu, Beaverton
Tyke Thompson, West Salem {26}

SW Oregon
Tanner Lewis, Dayton

Dakota Murr, The Dalles {59}

Jack Lehnherr, Pacific
Max Martin, Sherman
John Morrill-Keeler, Pacific

Walla Walla
Jake Costello, South Albany {41}